Wednesday, 2 August 2017

40K Soulslike is up and running! Also a competition!

So I've got 40K Soulslike up to a fairly decent standard, and I'm going to celebrate with a little competition!  Go there now to have a swift look around; there's only one post up, a painting tutorial.

It's just a little thing, something I hope to get people's creativity going.  I also really want to share the whole concept of Astronomica as much as I can; I don't know how popular an idea a 40K/Souls crossover might be, but it'd be nice to have a good go!

 Here comes the competition.

While it's open to anybody (Comment to say you're in!), having knowledge of the Souls series' mechanics definitely helps your cause.  Also, a bit of knowledge of the Astronomica story would be good too, wouldn't it?  Links to respective info can be found all over the blog.

From August 3rd to September 3rd, for the chance to win a modest treat, you can invent and assemble either a character or an optional boss and furnish them with a backstory including the location you find them and what relevance they have to the Inflicted's journey.  A bit of dialogue with the Inflicted would be nice too, be it before battle or before a quest or whatever you wish-- and bonus points for item descriptions for any drops you can get from killing them.  Especial bonus points if you take an existing character from the 41st millennium and transplant them into the story with solid enough backstory and reason  to have been called by Convergeance.

What factions are allowed?  That'd be Astartes, both loyal and traitor; any human faction actually, along with Dark Eldar, remembering that there's no real enmity between factions-- for on Convergence, we come only to die.

How about prizes?

There won't be much in the way of prizes per se, I like to call them little treats; you know, intensives to get the ball rolling?
Judging from a combination of best character design and backstory, I choose a winner and two places (2nd and 3rd) as recipients for treats, who can then chose any of the following-- winner chooses first, second place chooses second and so on:

  • A framed original A4 of your character:  pen and watercolour on board, as that's the best I can do.
  • A miniature of the Inflicted wearing your character's set and/or carrying their weapons, as you wish, on a small decorative base.
  • A figure I have previously kitbashed, though that's a bit boring.

These are the criteria.  An entry hoping to win a treat should consist thus:

1: A single figure, not too much bigger than a terminator.  I understand that a lot of Souls bosses are over twice the player's height, but I don't want people starting too big and getting disheartened, or thinking bigger is better.

2: They should be either of Imperial, residual chaos or Commoragh descent, and so equipped-- i.e no xenos except dark eldar, no necron weapons, and chaotic influence should be tempered with faith in the Carrion Lord.

3: The style needs to be dark-- as dark as you can muster, I know you can do it!  Blanchitsu is welcome here.

4: Posing must match something seen in the Souls series; at ease, standing one-handed, standing two-handed, with a two-handed at rest, poised-- the choices are quite varied, emotes count too.  Decorative bases aside, the torso must be kept level (if standing).  Sorry if it's nitpicky, but there's a style we're going for, so please bear with me.

5: Weapons should focus on the short to mid-range, that means keeping guns to an absolute minimum.  Special weapons ought to be kitbashed, and in that case, should have an item description.  Shields should run the length of the arm with the top edge closest to the ground, as opposed to perpendicular to the arm.  No, Lothric knights don't count.

6: Backstories should be at least 100 words long, but no longer than 600 please!  They should have at least one line of relevant dialogue and item descrtiptions should be three or four fairly short lines.  Which ending do they support, if at all?  Can they be summoned?

7: The only primaris Astartes allowed are Ultramarines, for story's sake.

I have a few pages on the blog for Astronomica related content, they can be found here. (edit: remember to put the link in, Lonely you dolt!)
Email your stories to me @ in either Word document or PDF format, and feel free to post WiPs of your figures everywhere, using the hashtag #astronomica so I can find it.  Of course, the best characters and stories will find themselves in the Astronomica lore, and I'm sure there'll be more than three in that case!

And remember to comment if you want to go for it, and you then have from August 3rd to September 3rd in which to bring your NPC to life.

Get ready!  Bye bye for now.


  1. Wow that is quite specific. Should be interesting to see.

    1. Well, it's for a specific genre, but I might have been too stingy XD

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about... yet. I'm in.

    1. Yay! I'd love to see an iron snake participating, if you want to ;)

    2. I was thinking of doing an Iron Snake NPC and a Dark Eldar NPC that have an unnatural relationship (i.e. one in which they are not immediately trying to kill each other). I think I could have some fun with that...

  3. Totally in on this
    I assume you count Bloodborne as part of the souls series?

    1. Ps where does one find this astronomica lore?

    2. Of course, if you like! I think people are calling it a Soulslike, but I think that's an unfair title.
      The lore, at least what I've got so far, is on the second blog; unfortunately the sidebar is a popup one, click the list icon in the top left corner.

  4. Looking forward to all results lads! Good luck!