Sunday, 23 July 2017

Blogs and rumors of blogs and a near-future project

So a project/division of projects I've been ruminating over for some time is almost coming together; with the apparent close of the Souls series I feel it's a little fitting.  A combining of the 41st millenium with the mechanics of From's spectacular 3rd-person-- unneccesary detail.

40K SOULSLIKE!  I painted up a nice banner, ready and waiting.  A blog for those who like both Dark Souls and Warhammer, and one of which I hope some of you would like to contribute to, if it be your wish.

While the blog is open and running, there's nothing on it at the moment.  Go there and see for yourself.  I'll let you know when things start happening over there, though.

Some of the subjects I'd like to cover on this new blog will be:

  • The unmasking of the IInd primarch, Dura Hazred.  Yes, I just invented him for the story.
  • The "true" origins and future of the Legion of the Damned, with Index Astartes cross-referencing and everything
  • A planet with a series of locations with their own bosses and optional/minibosses
  • A nice set of characters to populate said locations
  • Copious item descriptions for every weapon, rock and scrap of clothing present
  •  A full story to encapsulate all, which I've titled Astronomica, for some reason.


Okay Lonely; first and foremost, why?

I've got a few reasons for starting a new blog when I've already got a perfectly good one that's got a tidy little following.  First is that, brutally put, it's a breath of fresh air.  Like a clear space on a cluttered desk, creativity simply flows into it.  Second is that I wanted a place to put my more Astronomica related stories and general STUFF.  Thirdly, I guess it's an attempt to vent my defeated wish to make video games of my own.

Fourthly, and most importantly, I want to inspire you do create your own stories.  Not mentioning names or sites, but I've seen SO much Below Par Fluff created by gamers who really should know better; I want to present an interesting story for others to take inspiration from.

Right, so what are we going to expect of this grandiose plan of yours?

What you're not going to get is a fanfic crossover!  I might need to explain:  Astronomica will be a collection of media that represents Warhammer 40K through the Souls lens.  Weapon and fighting mechanics, layout of stages-- 1st half, miniboss, 2nd half, boss etc-- and a suitably dark storyline for example, in which there is no good or evil; for all are fit only to die in the eyes of the Carrion lord...

Anyway... as far as actual content goes, very little, to be truthful-- and additions will be fairly few and far between.  It'll mostly be a site of WiPs and pages filled with text and initially few photos, though they'll be added in time.  Character bios, dialogue and-- I don't know, walkthroughs-- will dominate the text, I can see this is going to become quite the overblown RP blog, but I guess it's self-aware...?

As for the WiPs, they will only be those related to Astronomica, so again, few and far between-- but there WILL be some pretty spectacular highlights, I can promise you that!

What sort of people are you aiming for?

Souls fans, really.  I guess Souls fans more than 40K players, as there will be next to nothing related to actual gaming.  As I've said in the past, I generally treat Warhammer as an artistic outlet, my models being sculptures, not simply gaming pieces.

What's more, there's a lot of room for YOU to add your own bits, if you like.  The more the merrier!  Do you fancy yourself a Souls fan?  Have you actually defeated the Dragon Rider, unlike me who just poked him off the edge?  That's not relevant...

But would you like to add to the Astronomica lore?  There's a lot of room for new characters and backstory!

And what d'you want us to do?

Stop shouting at me, for one!  No, stay tuned for the official opening, I guess; I'll let you know when it happens.  Everyone's invited to the blog-warming party, and there will be a little competition to celebrate too.
Once again, if you've ever entertained (or plan to entertain) the thought of a 40K Soulslike, get assembling, writing, painting whatever!  Who knows, you might even get a little something out of it...

So that's that!  Yes, quite excited for the purported blog.   Bye bye for now.


  1. Good luck with it. Not a dark souls fan though.

    1. That's alright, I won't be forsaking this blog for a complete change of genre.