Saturday, 25 March 2017

Random hobby update: more of the same

 Right; there's very little going on in the way of new things as I continue to chip away at the three IKs-- that's not to say I'm still having a right old ball with them.  With settling into a new work environment, I haven't had much time for decent updates... this is more proof to the world I'm still working on anything at all, really!

Please don't mind the state of the altar, it's got into a bit of a pigsty again.

First and foremost, painting begins on Victory Awaits!  Almost, as I'm still trying to source some glue for the base, so his lower half isn't undercoated yet.
As progress continues I'll try and dedicate a whole post to each titan, so you'll get more than just one badly lit photo.

Aldrich isn't looking too much closer to finished, which is a pity.

Joseph's Cadmus Gallant is just about assembled, he'll mostly want a bunch of literature and a finished base.

... and a finished interior, which I'm certainly looking forward to.

 On a less serious note, I had a go at making Mettaton out of a necron.  Someone on G+ drew him as a crossover, and I wanted to know if I could make him.

And this is where I'm up to with him.  Good thing he's not taking up much of my time.

...And speaking of video game characters, an umbra Inquisitrix has just had a few finishing touches.  I was going to go for clean and shiny paintwork, reminiscent of Bayonetta but, well... I am me, so yeah.
Funny thing, I didn't realise how much I hated painting pink/purple... imagine the hassles others have with getting a decent yellow, that's pretty much me with pink.

I'm trying to find the time to get a decent rotation up on Flikr.

And I reckon that's that!  A much shorter post this time, once again just a means of proving I am still doing stuff/still alive.  I hope to get some more in-depth updates on each individual IK later on; I'm also slowly putting together a Rambling Thoughts post concerning the direction GW's art styles have taken-- a terribly biased Rambling Thoughts, I might warn you!

Bye bye for now.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Commission work: knights into days

 Never actually played that game...  Apparently, it was great fun.

You'd never believe an Imperial knight would take so much work to assemble... in truth, I'm bringing most of this upon myself, aren't I?  I just like to make cool stuff, dammit

Firstly, the house Cadmus knight is  pretty much assembled, sorry I haven't really got around to photos Joe!  You'll be receiving an update presently, I can assure you.

Here's the base for Victory Awaits so far.  I'll be covering it in sand and debris later; I'm going for a daemon-world-circus-maximus-sort-of-arena floor.
What else have I got done on him?  Let's have a look.

Not sure if I've already shown the chain falx yet? It was still on my camera, so I figured I hadn't.

I had a go at sculpting a chaotic arrow, just to see what it'd look like, rolling a thin sausage of greenstuff and smoothing the sides down with the end of a brush...

... I got a little distracted...

...And an entire Dragonland album later, I'd done both shoulder pads.  What I was hoping to achieve was a cross between warped metal and welded-on effects, a branding of sorts by the knight's masters.

The smaller area of the other plates were awkward to work with, so I just ended up doing abstract lines for effect.

After much back-and-forth over shield shapes, I decided to go with rectangular.  I suppose it's a bit ironic, the fact that the base I'm starting with is a toy roman one...

I think I'll put an eye in the shield boss.  That'll be nice.

So here's where I'm up to with Victory Awaits.  He's got all his limbs magnetized, he's got a rocket pod and autocannon magnetized, an extra head magnetized (still puzzling over the thracian bascinet) and all I really need yet to get hold of is a decent swag of skulls to hang about his person and I can call him assembled!  I'll be discussing with the client what kind of paintwork he'll be after.

So what about the third knight?  His working title will be Aldrich until we decide on a proper name, because, as you'll see, "he developed an odd habit of devouring men".

So, for his torn-out carapace infested with bodies, I bent a sheet of plasticard and held it in place with spure; the bodies are held in place by a layer of greenstuff I shaped a bit for interest's sake, not that you can really see it under all the flailing limbs.

There's still some work needing to be done on the bodies themselves; extra limbs and heads need adding, for one.

Also, the pilot who, for some reason, is sticking out the top.  I'll be giving him more human features, along with the remains of a command throne and some clothing.

So here's where I'm up to with Aldrich, and I believe that's that!  I need to keep going, but this pack of night runners are telling me very strongly that I need to continue with the skaven army.  They're not going to paint themselves, don't you know.

Oh, and I've yet to deal with those annoying bolts on the reposed IKs' hips.  I wrote myself a reminder to stick up on the wall so I don't forget:

Mm.  Something I can truly aspire to.  Bye bye for now.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Triumvirate of the Primarch: a swift look atwhat you get

Right!  So the Primarch has arrived at the altar!  I just wanted to quickly show you lot what to expect from a box of 180 NZD's worth of plastic and card.  I was in such haste, I even forgot to rotate some of the images... bugger.

So firstly, we get a halfway-decent A4 print for the wall, an instruction book and the goods all displayed nice in a merchandise tray to help justify the price tag.  Though really, I mean THRONE!  This is the first ever plastic Primarch we're talking about!  He'd better arrive in at least a bit of style.

Quick (blurry and not rotated) look at the sprues, what do we get?

... Oh no... it's going to be one of those kits, is it?  For kitbashers like me, this might pose a slight problem, what with having to assemble the figure straight up BEFORE cutting him to pieces.
Never mind, they look pretty nice.  I'll need to have a decent look later.

One thing I'm a bit disappointed with, Cypher's sword... it's in two bits, one being sculpted to his cape and the other to his power pack.  Nothing I can't handle, right?  I just might end up with less fingers than I wanted, no big deal!

Guilliman is no exception to this-- oh, but he's going to be an utter mission to repose!  I'm liking the power fist, though.  It's like a scaled-up Gauntlet of Ultramar, nice homage.

Here are their rules too, until someone in an official hat finds out and shuts my blog down because of it.

So that's that!  Just wanted to get them out there for you lot to look at.  I won't be assembling anyone at all soon, of course-- I've got knights to build and skaven to paint, but once that's all cleared up... we'll have to see. Tossing about some ideas for Mr Guilliman-- I've got a Grotesque and two kastelans on the way for that purpose....

Hee hee, bye bye for now.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Commission work: KNIGHTS TO AFRICA

Feeling rather miserable today, sorry, but I'll try and keep it cheerful for the post.

Smiles :D

Right, so you can see three Imperial Knight torsos on the altar tonight, can you?  Very good!  Joseph, a previous client would like a reposing job done, and the chap for whom I'm painting the skaven force wishes me to make him two-- not sure how many (hundred) times I've brought it up, but I will continue to do so because, believe me-- it's a big thing!

The first one will be simple enough-- a sort of Nurgley one with corpses spewing out of the top, other than that it should be pretty straightforward.  You see the IK torso in the right of the top picture with a big ugly white thing showing through the broken canopy, that's where I'm up to so far with him.

Copyright to whoever owns this image
What won't be straightforward-- and for good reason!-- is the Thracian, a gladiator-esque renegade knight gallant.  I've got to calling him Victory Awaits until the client settles on a proper title.
RIGHT!  The most prominent features, let's see-- bubble helmet, I'm still fiddling with what I've got to see what'd work: curved sword (with the edge on the INSIDE like a falx): I've got armour panels for the right arm (all lined up beside the corpse-cart torso)... and I'm not sure on a square or circular shield for the thunderstrike gauntlet?  I think round is more iconic, but square is less cliched, so... still undecided.

So here we are, beginning work on the chainsword; a bit rough at the moment, but we'll get there.  The engine housing is covered in panels off the Chaos chariot.

I had an idea for the mask: seeing as the client is going to run it as a renegade, he might want something a bit more Chaotic to swap out for the down-and-out traitor look, magnetized and everything.  This faceplate is, again, from the Chaos chariot-- oh, if you're building a traitor IK, do yourself a favour and get one!  The amount of useful bits in there is surprising!

F'rinstance, there's these two panels that make fabulous chest-pieces, with minimal filling required.  I think I'll use the one on the right this time.

The story of Victory Awaits goes thus:, he's a prisoner on a daemon world, and he has to keep himself alive by serving time in the circus, fighting daemons and other knights to earn the right to live and one day his freedom.  His armour and thermal reactor has become warped, but he does not worship the Chaos gods... yet.

(Also, the extra carapaces from the carnifex work well, except not for the Thracian... )

What also might be unsuitable-- and impractical-- and awfully cool if I pull it off!-- is making him a cape out of all these shields I've had no other use for.  I should magnetize it as well, to make transport easier.

The third knight is for Joseph.  He's wanting a knight Gallant as well, a house Cadmus one with an interior and put in a pretty dynamic and not very easy-to-make pose, if you ask me.  Oh well!  Exercises in patience!  I need those.

Lastly, if I get the time, Reprisal of Sanction will be getting a little bit of attention if I find the time.  The younger brother of the White Rose has been waiting to be finished for about a year now, but there's too much on at the moment to devote more than a few minutes a day to him, not to mention being depressed again...

So that's that.  Four knights on the altar!  What more can I say?  I just hope something good might come of this... madness I've found myself in at the moment.  Sorry to bring this up on the blog, but it's just monumental and I felt the need to bookmark it in history.
Let's just say, the Lonely Kitbasher may well walk alone forever...

Bye bye for now.

Oh, baby, please think about this...

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Painting guide: or, at least, how I'm painting skaven these days...

Right, so I'll be turning this 15-man regiment into something like...

...this.  Except with two hand weapons instead of a shield.  And fifteen instead of twenty.

Right, so obviously we have to start with a white undercoat, being me and everything.

Stormvermin fur gets splotched on with a big brush; we're not going for neat here, not yet we aren't.

Next is the red.  This could be for metal or cloth; the metal would then get an extra step-- I'll let you know when-- for weathering.  Again, just splotched all over the place, just try not to get it on the grey.

Mournfang brown next, for leathery bits or bronze.  We're getting into smaller brushes now.
Note I'm not giving exact brush sizes-- one, I find it easier to estimate; two, I don't even know what size brushes I'm using... hee hee, you don't even know if I'm just using sticks.

Agrax earthshade goes on next, along with a bit of nuln oil for deeper shadows.  Make sure to wash the base too, it'll make it easier when you get to it.
Oh, listen to me, instantly assuming my entire audience paints the figure first...

Black goes on next for where bare metal will be.  Also, drop a dot into the little chap's eye socket, it'll help them stand out later.  The eyes, I mean.

Next up is bronze and silver.  Apply the bronze first, because here's were the extra step for red metal comes in.  Once you've painted bare metal blades and armour and whatever, take your smallest drybrush, get some silver off the other brush and go over the red metal.  Also the bronze.

Now with your finest brush,  go over the teeth and pick out the eyes with bright yellow.  If they look a bit too disgusting, you might want to use a bit of nuln oil before the next step.

The next bit is to add highlights to where the fur is less... furry, I suppose.  I use stark white, but you could use something like reikland fleshtone or even a blue?  One thing I've seen a bit on skaven is the skin colour is usually done quite skin-coloured and they end up looking like monkeys, particularly the older sculpts.

My recipie for rust is pretty simple at the moment.  Nuln oil, a watered-down layer of mournfang brown, and a jolly good drybrushing of ryza rust over the top.

Nikhala oxide is the second to last step.  Not much to see here, carry on guardsman.

Blood FTBG is the last step.  It'd help a lot if you had a dry, frayed old brush for this; thin, stiff bristles make it a lot easier to generate random splatter.

So just make sure you included all your other skaven into the steps and you should be set!
Now, using the following technique, you ought to have a regiment of table-ready skaven out of the box in a Saturday-- if you get up at seven and neglect your family until 5 in the evening.  The two longest steps would be the undercoat and the washes drying, but in which time you could just as easily work on your inquisitor kitbashes.
So, what's next, I wonder?  Some rat-ogres, I reckon.  They'll be getting a few more steps, seeing as there's only three of them and (I really don't play skaven!) they look quite useful, so they deserve a decent bit of work.

... And as always, in other news:
The scenery bits are finished!  We've got all sorts here, mostly intestines out of the body with some unfortunate Cadians thrown in and a pile of pig offal just for giggles.

And the pool at Bethesda is looking a lot more finished now.  Still wondering about how to achieve a decent, visceral, purpley-red colour for the... whatever it is... in the pit.  Been playing a lot of Dante's Inferno for insparation.
Oh God help me, I made a pun...

So, that's that!  How to paint skaven nice and quick.  Next time, we'll be assembling/converting the avatar of Ynnead into a hive crone*.

Bye bye for now.

*spoilers, we won't.