The Doom Chair, fortress-monastery

The Doom Chair

The Sagodjur Fjorlag, while not encouraging of the fact, do not despise visitors to their fortress-monastery, and make no secret of their practices to those that do find a way through the fog and the darkness to the gate.

The Mind-forges:  The uppermost spires of the Doom chair house the headquarters of the librarius.

Eyries of the fated:  On the jagged walls of the Doom Chair and down the sheer slopes of mount Nowhere, the Fjorlag Astartes make their nests, great baskets of barbed wire lined with furs and any trinkets the individual may wish to grace his abode with.

Arming pits:  ++data pending++

Auditorium:  Just within the Front Gate is an open space where drills, public executions, formal meetings and other important activities take place.

Church of a lost angel: The cathedral is sectioned away into five circles, each one darker and more hidden than the last.  Ordinary pilgrims may not pass deeper than the second circle, and no living thing has seen beyond the gates of the fourth.  The knowledge of a fifth circle is only upheld by manuscripts left by ancient Sago Astartes, and the testimony of a child of Mars who dared venture so deep.  What he returned with, alone after his entire entourage "went missing", the Chapter were not permitted to see or know of.

The training pits: ++data pending++

Dragons without:  A deep gate leads out of the Doom Chair to a steppe called Dragons Without, where initiates are sent to find their dragon and fully-fledged Astartes drill themselves in field combat.

The asylum:  ++data pending++

Storage pits: the Sagodjur fjorlag's vast array of war machines are stored away beneath the training pits, each company guarded by their respective ancients, the dreadnoughts.

Roots of trial:  Beneath the asylum, the sewage system of the hive city and the fortress-monastery beyond runs beneath the mountain, and it is here that initiates endure their trials.  Each portion of the system is divided into seven holds, each governed by a lord of the sump and defended fiercely, for here can be found the only way into the Nastrond at large, and vile things dwell beyond the confines of the hive and the Doom Chair, vile things that are not content to live in the unfathomable dark and to devour each other.

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