Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bits and pieces

I am not ashamed in the state of my desk

I am not a tidy kitbasher.  Not At All.  I think it might have something to do with my artistic talent; more than likely I'm just lazy... I haven't posted in a while because I haven't finished anything worth showing, for I have a billion things going at once and I'm saving up to go to Wellington and a PS4 so sadly I can't buy much new.  Mind you, I did get The Evil Within for about $30 today, that was something I couldn't walk past.
But anyway, I'll show you a couple things I've got scattered around the desk.

Firstly after much debate I finally opened the terminator librarian.  I'm not very fond of the kit but it has some pieces I will be using.  Like the book, that's already been cut up and used.

Here's a slightly modified meltagun with an incense burner for a muzzle; also a WIP "Iron" backpack, made from a RT era one, a CSM one and the fan off a cultist.

I bought Wulfrik the Wanderer to make a Canon Piece 7th captain.  After a great deal of trimming, I've got nowhere with THAT project.

Here's a pretty thing.  I don't often use lascannons, but when I do...

Six guys out of seven and NONE are finished

And finally, this is where I'm up to with my Canon Piece Astartes.  With having to use terminator pauldrons and much greenstuff and every head needs trimming and no arms will ever fit, I can't help but think I might have bitten off more than I could chew.
Oh well, they're going to look nice when they're finished.  I just wish I could get them to Golden Demon...

And that's that.  A few bits and pieces around my untidy desk.  Was it interesting?  And would you be interested in seeing more posts like this, while I have little finished?  Let me know, won't you?


Life hack #3511: Put your psyk-out grenades in a lump of blu-tack to cut them successfully in half.

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  1. Fascinating. Personally, I love these little windows into another person's grim/dark :-)