Monday, 7 December 2015

More converted Astartes

I have suddenly had a bit of a creative kick and have done some more work on things; I have three more space marines painted, that's a thing, and two of them I'll be showing you now-- the third will have to wait for another post...

Well shit, if the camera didn't focus for me again
Once again, all incomplete but I hope you'll like them all the same. From right, we have two tactical brothers, an asylum Astartes who looks like he came from Mount Massive, a pyramid-headed chaplain because me and I'm strange, and two possibly sternguard veterans.  I'll let you study the picture to see exactly what I used.
...And horror of horrors, I have run out of WHFB chaos bodies!  I'm going to have to get some more at some point.

Slightly off-topic-- I'm not doing orkses.  Ever.  I just know that if I ever begin ANYTHING orky I will get so caught up in kitbashing that nothing, NOTHING will get done.
But here's a warboss anyway, with an icon for his bosspole.  He's actually for a duel scene I began a while ago.

O-kaay!  Painted models!

This fellow wears a modified suit of armour from the Unification wars; remember those days when Mk III didn't have a battle-helm able to move with the wearer's head?

I was compelled to make my own backpack.  There's pieces of GK and cultist, a chaos backpack, heavy flamer nozzles and a piece of rogue trader pack as well.  It was fun but Throne was it fiddly, particularly bending the guitar wire.

...Having taken the photos I realise the base isn't painted properly.  Oh well.

Dead I am the one, Exterminating son
Slipping through the trees, strangling the breeze...
And a heavy bolter.  Very, very pleased with this one; I don't want to boast but I think this is the most Blanchitsu I have painted a figure.  I think it's the liberal use of ryza rust and the sickly-looking candles, perhaps the fact I watched Rob Zombie's Dragula for inspiration.

I colour all my weapons looking at the 3rd ed 40K boxart (I love that picture to bits).  Lots of red/yellow chequers and odd pipe colours.

That veteran's chainsword has to be my favorite 7th ed era weapon.

So that's that.  Lot of work done, at least to my standard of work.  Now my desk is an utter mess where I tried to clear a bit to photograph on.  Oh well, time for a clean-up anyway.  Bye bye for now.


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  1. I love how dark, rusted and tarnished your stuff is. very interesting