Tuesday, 5 January 2016

First to fall: Angels Encarmine test pieces

I got my act together and undercoated the children of the 9th that I had assembled, and promptly-- odd for me-- set about to try and paint at least two.

See, look.  There they all are.
Here's what I ended up with.  There's still a bit of dry rust to apply and the base wants finishing but other than that I believe they're finished.

They seem half deathwing, half 14th legion and half 8th, so I'm getting a taste of all three.  Oh yeah, and half 12th with the helmet I decided to go with.  That helmet is actually my attempt at making them a challenge to assemble; I cut the ears off the most vanillarey of SM heads and use them on WHFB warriors of chaos helmets.
Assault captain/sergeant.  He needs a power axe yet

And that's that I suppose.  Once I've posted I'll get back to reading Vampire Knight what I got out of the library.  I'm up to the piece where Kaname Kuran makes the members of the senate all behead themselves...

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