Friday, 12 August 2016

Assembling/converting IK #2: The returning

Throne of Terra!  It's been far too long since the last time I tried to make another child of house Silenzi, and now here I am making two at once-- reposing both, fool that I am.  To-day's update won't be too detailed, I just wanted to let out how excited I am to be doing this again!

The last post was September last year-- that's eleven months!  Back then The White Rose still lived on my hobby desk and I had a set of blue clippers apparently...

My attempt at reposing didn't work out quite as nicely as planned, but if I just cover it up with centennial grime hopefully no-one'll notice... I'm cheap like that.  I will be going into detail concerning the bases in another post, with what I'm using and the scenario I was attempting.

I decided last year I wanted to give this next knight a chainfist, thinking I'd be making a knight warden.  This was my first-- now rather poor-- attempt at one.  Never happy with how stuck together it looked, plus that wrist was a pathetic pivot for such a weight...

 So this is it at the moment, pretty much.  Far happier with this one, 'specially now The-Great-Mister-Scatterbrain decided to make a knight gallant instead.

Not having much in the way of firepower, he'd need every advantage he can get, so I'll be magnetizing every extra option for him because I'm nice like that :)   The effigy was from a wall rosarius I had stored away; there will be story behind it but that's for yet another post.  I'm really behind on posting, I'm sorry.

For the other fellow who I think will be a warden, I am making-- yes, another building to go on top.  Quite by mistake (shaving off the icons of Sigmar's comet) I found this interesting pattern you could achieve by gouging a haphazard step-like pattern into the surface and brushing plastic glue over.  The result would look good on the plates of a chaos knight, but I won't be going there.

This isn't canon.  It would have been, but it isn't.
I said I won't be going there.  But here, if you want to make a traitor knight, I highly recommend getting the WoC Chaos chariot for bitz.  For one, the chariot front fits the chest exactly and the gorebeast's head would look cool in place of the IK's own.

Over-the-top tilt shield, because I'm me and I'm silly like that.  As no heraldry can be painted on the shield itself, old alliances will be remembered in little roundels on the side.

And that's that!  For now, once again.  Next post I think ought to be either about basing, or fluff concerning house Silenzi's family.  One or the other!  Bye-bye for now.

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