Saturday, 12 November 2016

Sago alter: a temporary commissions page!

So I'll be accepting commissions now!

Setting up a website is taking longer than I thought (oh dear), and with my time being taken up elsewhere-- e.g life-- it will take a very long time, but that won't stop me from accepting commissions!  Just 'cause I don't have a website doesn't mean I can't start work straight away :P

Ah, okay then!  welcome to the sago alter!  I've copied the data I'll eventually be putting on the website, and put it onto a series of pages here, just to be quick.  This is only temporary, and if it's messy I apologise.  The proper links are up on the top right of the blog, just below the title; or click here to go to the "Home" page.

So I would ask of you, I need someone to test this system for me please?  I'd like someone to volunteer as a guinea pig, to"place an order" and see if the system is at all usable.  Criticism is always accepted too, I only want to make this  fun and easy thing for you!

Bye bye for now.


  1. I can test it out for you as soon as I get a second to myself ;-)

  2. I suggest you put the blank order form above the email address and say something like: Fill out this and send it here ->. As it is, you can't see the form unless you scroll down, so people may email without filling it out. Also, you should refer to where the form can be found on the commissions page. Alternatively, move the blank order form to the commissions page! The commission page itself is great for a person considering getting some "work done". Just going to fill a form out now...

  3. Replies
    1. All right! Thank you so much! The re-arranging is a good idea, I'd better fix that.