Friday, 23 December 2016

Assembling/converting canoness Veridyan #1: sidhe of the scalpel

Hallo again! Summer's upon us in full force down the bottom of the world, and last-minute Christmas traffic has been going back and forth past our quiet country road and driving me quite mad!  Good thing I've got a few things to work on over the holiday period (when it cools down a bit in the hobby room-- 30 degrees is not good for open paint pots, to say nothing of my mental state) and I'll be expounding on one in particular to-day; you've already guessed by the title, haven't you?

Just quickly though, I'll show you my other projects:

First-- and most closest to completion that isn't finished-- a warpsmith for fellow 40K G+ member, Thefallenstar:

Pretty pleased with how this fellow's turning out!  The axe still needs some work, but I'm having to be careful it doesn't become the focal point of the miniature...  Oh well! When have I ever been careful?
Second is the squad of 3rd-party thousand sons I alluded to last post:

They aren't the easiest of things to work with.  They'll be getting a post of their own soon.

Third is an old metal sorcerer who won't have ANYTHING to do with his backpack, no matter HOW much I glue and pin, Throne curse sorcerers:

And lastly is best Hansey boy Yoshikage Kira, my first straight-up paintwork in a long time:


But here!  This isn't what I was supposed to be posting about to-day!

Yes.  Yes I was excited when a official piece was sculpted from a Blanche piece.  Yes, I only got slightly anxious to get it and yes, there was only one at my FLGS.When I got the limited ed sister of battle I was almost going to assemble her without changing a thing... but how could I forgive myself for that?  But I couldn't really think of anything I wanted to do that'd actually work... making anyone into an Inquisitor is flocking easy...
I wanted to turn her into something special.  The artwork canoness Veridyan is taken from was the turning point of my developing style from lukewarm to grimdark-- it's special to me, and anyway, I like fringes, exspecially gaunt girls with fringes... this isn't a sexual thing.

Then I had an idea.  I have a faerie character/mascot/symbol I initially designed for the Sagolanda page banner.  She sort of sneaked into everything else as time went on and now she's on the banner of my commissions site!  Poor thing doesn't even have a name yet.
She's an embodiment of how I treat the wargaming hobby (and life in general); take what naturally occurs and twist it way out of line with tortured darkness and an off-kilter sense of piety.

She's got a fringe too...

So to save you the grief of watching me cut up a valuable figure, here's the canoness after bionics surgery.

I swapped out the cloth at the back for a piece of tin to give it a bit of lightness.

Small problem was that the faerie's left wing is made of razor blades, enforcing the symbol of unnatural altering.  I wasn't sure how to represent razor blades... I thought of using real ones, but they're expensive.
How about used scalpel blades then?  It represents a similar mindset, and it's just as emo, isn't it?

So they went together nicely.

So here we are as of now.

I had to pop an extra skull under her boot to make up for space.  Not sure what I did wrong but it's worked out okay.

A few more pipes and drug injectors across the wings-- and the base wants tidying up-- then on to painting!  If I forget to post the finished project here, she'll more than likely end up on Flikr, just a heads up.
So that's that!  Next time I might expound a bit on that Thousand sons squad... hee hee, if it doesn't drive me mad.  Wish me luck.

Bye bye for now.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas for tomorrow I suppose.


  1. The Canoness re-work is WILD dude!

    I've been checking your work for a while and it's all spectacular, love your vision and execution.

    Keep up the great custom stuff!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Some see it as crippling, my inability to enjoy a kit the way it was meant to be, but I'm happy this way.