Monday, 2 January 2017

Commission work: Thousand sons #2, DONE!

Hurrah!  That took a while, but what a surprising finish!  I learned a lot while painting these guys-- for one, gold needs to be shaded with druchii violet, otherwise it turns anything into a Christmas ornament.

Here they are,  with minor weathering...

Slightly more weathering...  Still not really a fan of the sculpts though.  I don't mind this one, though.

...Said the as-yet undiagnosed furry.
Weathering sotek green was certainly a strange experience, I'm not used to the cooler palette.

So here they are, ready for inspection.  Aspiring sorcerer with the first combat squad;

And surprised Jeff with the second.

So that's that!  Just a few bits here and there to touch up, and the parchment needs text yet, but other than that, we're done!

Bye bye for now.


P.S:  On a side-note, the client read my last blog post... and I learned very quickly not to publicly roast the client's decisions.  I'd like to say sorry for my harshness/silliness; still, 3rd party is 3rd party, not something I'd want to work with every day.  GW for the win.


  1. Great work on finishing them, the weathered look isn't something you see very often on Thousand Sons but looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks! I guess the weathering is something different, isn't it? Tzeencth probably hates things being dirty.