Saturday, 8 July 2017

Commission work: custodes dreadnought finished!

Oh yeah!  I'm calling him done, though I'm sure I could have done better...  I hope the client likes him.
Photo time!


Like I've mentioned before, I gave him every option I could think of, out of sheer lack of study.  I must admit, these were a bit too fun to put together... there had to be a cut-off point, a line in the sand so to speak.

So... I guess I've still got a TON of commissions to do... but, y'know... want anything painted?  Don't forget to check out my commissions site!  While I can't promise instant action ATM, it's good to get your order in.  Who knows, yours might fit in nicely between glue-drying-sessions of the upcoming knight lancer...

The photos are also up on Flikr too.


So, in other news, what have we got?  To go with the jade sisters of silence-- which I didn't photograph in the end-!!!!!!!!-- is a rhino.  I had a few spare high elf bits to make a nice tank commander.

The 15 fallen angels are pretty much assembled now, just a few shoulder pads and bases-- along with an entire combi-melta chap.  I'm sure he'll have a lot of fun firing his exotic weapon every turn, God damn you 8th XD

20 stormvermin have snuck up onto the altar and have started painting themselves. 

I also got was naughty and distracted, and built Greyfax out of the box I was supposed to be keeping for a rainy day.  While her usual legs were alright, there's a feminine elegance and a certain ghostliness to be had in 40K dresses that I feel isn't really done justice-- at least, not without being oversexualised in the process.

Besides, it leaves me the legs to use elsewhere!

And lastly, Trivia time!  Can you tell me the following:
1: What does this emote represent?
2: What legion performs it?
3: Who do you think might teach this to the player?

Bye bye for now.


  1. Great work on the Dread, it looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks! I admit I wasn't sure what I was aiming for to begin with, but it seems to have worked.

  2. dude that dread is crazy, creepy, dark, and beautiful! You are clearly keeping yourself busy.

  3. Is the dreadnought supposed to be a chaos version, or is it just a super gothic, old school GW art inspired one?

    As for Trivia:
    1. Teabagging their opponent.
    2. Probably those World Eater jerks.
    3. 12yo kids on Xbox who have had sex with my mother.

    1. The client asked for obsidian custodes, and I just added some flair to it. If you dig around you'll find them up on my flikr account.

      Also, comgratulations on the trivia, you are a git!