Friday, 17 April 2015

It's happening, by Throne

Oh, am I excited about this.  I know I don't have everything yet-- a scrapped land raider is on its way-- but I figured I'd start now or I never would and my desk would still be in a mess.
Actually, I meant to take progress pictures of tidying (a dreary task!) but oh well, here we are now.

I printed a number of pictures I found on various sites, and I have a folder full of thunderhawk images on my laptop to keep me psyched.  After drawing the basic shape on a piece of A2, using one of my unpainted sternguard for scale, I altered it to suit what pieces I already have-- thinking to fill in the angles with plasticard or what-ever I find later.

The gunship is going to end up a bit bigger than I anticipated, but that's okay.  The GW miniatures are generally, what, 4/5ths proper scale?  Something akin to that-- anyway, I wanted to fit a Nastrond assault dreadnought in the hold, and his wingspan is a little less than a stormtalon's.


I'll be filling in the interior with crossbeams of some kind to keep it fairly rigid.
And I suppose that's it.  A most grandeous plan that will probably kill me.  I think, from now on I'll only be doing small side projects such as painting single figures, and I'll return to this whenever possible.



  1. Good luck with the project, I can't even imagine trying to piece together one of these things from scratch ;-)