Thursday, 23 April 2015

1st Lord Klatos finished

Alas, I meant to take progress pictures, and did not; but I've painted my 1st captain after several days worth of hunching over a nice, clean desk with a few, relevant paints sitting before me as opposed to all of them along with half the contents of my bitz box.

...Couple of things I should like to make clear first.  One, I am still with the Thunderhawk project, I haven't thrown in the trowel yet, oh dear me no-- second, his name is pronounced "klei-tos" I only write it with an "A" after hearing how everyone pronounces his name "kray-tose".

Not sure who's helmet, but they've been dead a long time


Unfortunately, the camera I use at the moment coupled with the yellow light doesn't do him justice.  I'm also reconsidering giving him a back-banner.  Thoughts would be appreciated.

I spent a lot of time on the face, I don't know if it shows but at least I like it...  There was a scene from Saw VI where a guy gets pumped with an acidic substance I can't remember what, but the thing I remember most was the colour his teeth went-- I replicated that colour to show how far gone his mortal flesh was.

The chainfist Led into Madness was a terrible challenge but great fun

This project was quite demanding overall, but the result was very satisfying.

And that's that.  1st Lord Klatos, depicted in his last campaign, about 6,000 standard years after the Chapter's founding by his hand.


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  1. That is a wicked miniature you have there, awesome job :-) Personally, I would leave the banner off. You can already get lost in the detail of this figure, any more would be distracting in my opinion.