Saturday, 23 May 2015

Converting/assembling an imperial knight part 1

It was the first kit I have opened and been frightened of.  The number of pieces in this kit are quite phenomenal.
Everything else has halted until either I stall with this project or finish it.  I shall create my own house to ally with my Astartes, so you know what style I'll be going for.

John Blanche...
...and team Silent.  I am content.
These two images in particular gave me a good idea what colours I could use, although I am not fully decided; white, yellow/ochre, chequerboard, black flames, red and brown-- unsure in what order, though.
But the kit itself-!  Throne of Earth, did it scare me!  I decided to ease myself into it by building the torso and then kitbashing an interior until I felt more at home with the model.
the pieces that aren't from the land raider are cut from the Aquila strongpoint base

The land raider screens I was going to save for my thunderhawk, but I won't be furnishing that any time in the near future so I can get another whenever.  It also seems to be the piece everybody uses.

What I am intending is to make and paint the interior, then the pilot separately, then put them in a nice little cage to drop in cleanly.

The sentinel seat seemed good enough.  And now for the pilot...

...'twasn't bad, I suppose.  This was half an hour's sculpting.  My greenstuff skills are sorely limited; hopefully it will look better with purity seals and some frills and things.

This is where I am at the moment.  I thought about wiring up some lights but then thought against it.  The wires in there are just to make the sides a little more interesting, but it's not nearly finished, oh dear me no!


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