Wednesday, 8 July 2015

In terms of scale...

If you don't take off a little paint before gluing, it'll come off after and then you'll be in trouble
First and foremost, where I'm up to with the white Rose.  I've begun on her chainblade arm among other things; the chapel is now undercoated and Lady banquo is seated inside.

Oh, I'm so excited about finishing it!  How long has it been... I can't remember, but it's been a long journey anyway.

But observe; this morning I finished what I thought would be a member of the Sagodjur Fjorlag honour guard, the "morbid seven", using a WHFB chaos warrior as a base and the most classic pieces of equipment I could find.

A terminator pauldron on the one side and a vanguard veteran's on the other gives him a much more imposing silhouette that what I'm used to-- and I'm very happy with it indeed.
But it got me thinking, what if I made every one of my space marines like this?
Bigger in general than my existing Astartes...

...much larger than the mortals...

... and quite literally towering over the fire warrior who I made several months ago and is still unpainted.
You see, in terms of scale it only seems right, does it not?  I think it does.  Also the fact that I wanted a Scandinavian-themed chapter without collecting the Sons of Russ-- with all due respect, they are far too mad for my liking.
So this I have decided; I will have two forces.  One is the "gaming pieces" where I will use thunderfire cannons and terminator squads and all manner of wargear the chapter canonically cannot use, and the "canon pieces", using the warriors of chaos.

And so...
And that's that.  A most random post indeed.


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