Sunday, 28 June 2015

Showing off my painted force

I have a 1850 point army to assemble by mid-July for my first 40k game ever.  Okay, I've gone and said it now haven't I?
So I was going through my painted force to see what I've got, and I found two things; firstly, I don't have many, and where was I going with this...

But I want to say this first:  listen, a G+ acquaintance Henry South has bought a Forge World Warlord titan, currently the biggest resin kit produced.  He has begun a blog for this monumental undertaking and it is really worth following.  Right now he's in the preparation stage and excitement is mounting.

Okay.  Picture time.  The Sagodjur Florlag Space marine Chapter as of 29-6-15...

7th company 5th tactical with drop pod

I built this squad with the drop pod in mind; I wanted them to look as if they were bursting out the second the doors slammed down.

7th company 4th devastator with rhino
The rhino suits the more static nature of the devastators, at least I think so.

7th company 6th assault
I love my assault marines too much; I haven't seen whether or not they're actually effective in the new codex update but I certainly pray the Emperor they are.

7th company 10th choir

The choir currently counts as vangard veterans without jump packs until I make some suitable rules.

The centurions are not actually canonically correct for my Chapter but they're too good to be ignored.  I also have some "non-canonical" terminators which I forgot to photograph.

7th chaplain
You do not want to be in this view
The librarius so far; from right to left, 7th codacier, chief librarian and 3rd lexicanum
The librarius is a big part of my chapter and it's something I hope to expand in the future; 'specially with the apocalypse formation "brotherhood of psykers".

1st lord Klatos is the crown jewel of my collection and so far my most favorite piece... perhaps until I finish 3rd lord Baldr.
The handsome fellow, never far behind his lord
Oh, I forgot to photograph my stormtalon.  Never mind, if you go through my blog photos you'll find it.

So you see, there isn't much to see-- I haven't calculated points yet, but I'm sure it isn't quite 1850 yet.
And that's that.  My painted space marine force.


Work continues on the white rose

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