Saturday, 5 September 2015

Assembling/converting IK #2 part 1: Off to a slow start...

Well, we knew it wasn't going to be easy.  The cutting out of the armour panels is complete, the mesh is in place and I'm just waiting for the greenstuff to dry so I can begin trimming.  That's how I hold it on, by-the-by; greenstuff, super-glue and wearying heaven sore with my prayers.
Storm's teeth, hurricane fencing is so stressful, even in plastic!  I don't think I'll ever be buying a FW knight (foreshadowing?)  Someone said once that it was a thing, that kitbashers would dream up the most ludicrous of conversions and then set about to make them happen.

The front plate on the Icarus autocannon was probably the most difficult of all; I ended up actually cutting it in half in an attempt to prevent my nasty, fat fingers snapping it.  Extending the barrels was the next (obvious) step--

--along with the avenger gatling cannon.  Avenger?  Is that it's name?  Forgotten.
My elder brother tells me that if you carry around huge weapons, blades, swords or anything, then you're seen as lacking in other areas namely those of, of manliness-- oh well!  story of my life-- I'm a dhampir, and I'm happy with it.

 ...Er-hm, moving on, I was not going to pose the legs at first, but I've finally buckled and got out with the scrollsaw.  I think I'll be making a graveyard for the knight to be walking over, that'd be nice.  I'm looking at other people's freeblades for ideas; I rather like the awkward and disturbing poise of Atgos the Silent.

In other new I'm using the Khorne exalted champion to make a new body for my chapter master-- not that I ever finished him, but with the whole canon vs gaming scale thing it wouldn't have made sense to make him so small.  My only regret is now I have five pairs of sternguard legs I will never use...

And 2nd flokk musician is currently in this Halfway-Through-Being-Painted state.  What you see behind him is my desk at the moment.  I've got several other (secret) projects that I'm not going to relate yet; oh, here's a fun game for you.  Looking back at the photos of the last few posts, can you guess what my secret project is?


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