Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Back again at last

I have been unfaithful to the blog, I'm sorry.  If you've been following me on G+ you'd see I haven't been entirely idle but still that's inexcusable.  I haven't been wanting to paint much because I haven't bought any new brushes recently, which is a terrible rut to get into; I did the other day and finished two more Astartes, so that's a thing I did.
As far as the IK is concerned, very slow. Almost no progress at all, but it's there in the background as an ongoing thing, which I wanted it for.  I finished the avenger gatling cannon arm; the barrels proved so heavy I was compelled to drive a brass rod straight through the weapon to brace it.

I'm also in the process of making a thunderstrike chainfist.  Yeah.  I haven't got it to a point where I can show it here yet but just so you know, it's a thing.

So here we are, two members more of Thollr 2nd Flokk Sigmundr.

 First is the flokk colour sergeant, who counts as the combat squad leader.

The standard is magnetized for ease of painting/storage
D'you remember the 3rd ed Warhammer box-art by John Blanche?  This one of the Black Templars.

There's a white heavy in there too
Somewhere in the background is a red standard bearer, can you see him?  I liked this idea very much and, being Imperial Fist successors as the Black Templars are, I decided to incorporate red into the colour sergeant's livery.

Second is the musician, former Deathwatch Black Shield, Brother Anthem.  Being a fairly important character --in my opinion-- I wanted to put a bit more time into painting him; also I used more drybrushing and typhus corrosion to reflect his dark(er) backstory.

In case your wondering, it is meant to be a guitar

 I chose a BA death company helm for its bulkier outline; I didn't realise they looked like headphones until later.  That's okay though.

The oversized guard of vambrace was a tomb king's standard.
Detail on the silver arm

And that's that I suppose, for now anyway.  I've begun painting an assault weapon specialist and have many more half-finished space marines awaiting my attention.


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