Monday, 16 November 2015

Too big for a G+ post

We all have to start saving somewhere.  I prefer old-fashioned squirreling.

So much going on right now, what to do, what to do... I finally decided to tidy my desk a little but there has been little change.  So instead, here are some more WiPs for you to look at.

This is my take on Lemartes for his appearance as a warden-chaplain for the Angels Encarmine.  Being extremely fond of this chaplain (despite never owning the piece) I decided to give Lemartes a power fist in place of a bolt pistol.  I'm not sure what to use for his crozius though, probably a fell bat...?  That'd look different.

I've got about seven death company lined up awaiting completion, but these are the only three I've gotten close to finishing.  Seeing as this Chapter has a great percentage of Brothers Taken, I will focus on the death company (jump packs when possible) and their transport.
Also, a matter of basing; while GW has not outlawed the old base size yet, I will be using  the new 32mm size for this army-- I will keep, however, the old 25mm for the Sagodjur Fjorlag.  While being more or less legion-like in their organisation they are a 6th ed army; 6th is precious to me and so it shall be.
...Please tell me I'm not alone in this?  I suppose I am.

not quite finished as always

I found some 2nd ed pieces and was very happy.  Now I can make proper suits of Mk X Gudbrandr.
Recently I've been playing Gungrave for the PS2, and while wondering where all the bullets come from I decided I wanted a gunslinger for my own Chapter; so I'm working on my own Beyond the Grave... with two storm bolters.  I've got the ejecting ammo casings from the ork sprue to attach to the sides.
... Oh yes!  I also found out how to replace the legs on the warriors of chaos!
The Chapter's Emperor's champion, given the title of God Murderer
And that's that, I suppose.  Hopefully next post I'll have something actually painted to show you.


P.S. Side project begins; I'm code-naming this "The Game" so if I mention it you'll know.

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