Sunday, 8 November 2015

I'm not dead yet

Some happy music to listen to if you like.

At last, I'm back!  For the last month or so I have been laid low by some nasty cough that took everything out of me.  The hobby has suffered along with everything else, but hopefully it's all over now and I'll be a bit more regular with posting.
You see, I already had the virus which at the first I knew nothing about; I took my motorcycle down to Christchurch and passed through Mordor on the way home... and ended up with a cold as well.  That didn't help.

BUT NEVER mind it's all past now.  Hobby update time.

Found some miniatures I didn't know I had, in the dettol bath since LAST MONTH

My workspace suffered the most.  I'm hardly in the mood for tidying anyway but this is has gotten quite out of hand.  All I've wanted to do this last while is build Space Marines.  Observe:

Thirteen WiPs.  How sad am I

I decided on the pattern of power armour the Sagodjur Fjorlag use.  Mark X (x being unknown) Gudbrandr pattern.  Being mostly built of restored parts it can hardly be classed as a Mark, but the pattern possesses a number of components that other Marks do not-- such as the terminator-like faulds on the hips and the sabatons so susceptible to sand and grit they need leather over-boots.  They also wear cloakes of skin-- not animal skin, yet not flayed from their victims, but grown synthetically to a template by the apothecarion.

This one's for a duel scene.

...Moving on, I'm in the process of making two scenic bases using the crashed Aquila lander.  The screws are to magnetise the plastic to the wood after painting.

I was also going to be making some 9th legion successors just for a bit of fun; I've only made two death company and don't want to go any further until my GW order arrives.  I can't remember what I ordered now; think I got a BA tactical squad, flagellants, night lords upgrade pack...

I bought a boxful of random shit and found some real treasures, like four classic pintle-mounted storm bolters, two rogue trader lascannons and APC hatches and other things.

 And work begins on something big.  I'm sorry to say the second IK project fell through, but I'm sure I'll pick it up later.  Meanwhile I have some major greenstuffing to do... bye bye for now.



  1. Only 13 WIP? Mate, that's nothing! Glad you are on the mend, I'm looking forward to see how those marines turn out.

    1. Hee hee... Thanks! Mind you I was only counting the SMs; I've got so many other things I couldn't be bothered counting.