Tuesday 26 April 2016

Anacharis Scoria kitbash: a lot of greenstuff later


...That was a thing, I suppose.  This is why I haven't posted for a while or done much painting.

Not sure how to start this post off, so I'll start from assembly.  Not sure what possessed me to attempt this.
 Anacharis Scoria, pretty much the primarch of the Dark Mechanicus.  My first mechanicus figure, too-- and what an undertaking it was!  I started with a CSM warpsmith's cape and plonked a dark eldar grotesque body on top.  A legion praetor's head was the closest I had to his proper face, and a few necklaces stolen borrowed from mum and my sister helped to flesh out the area underneath the cloakes.

The cloakes, I might note are cut from a vampire knights cavalry sprue-- the exact one escapes me-- built up with greenstuff later.
I wasn't really sure where I was going with this build; all I knew I wanted was the look of a strait-jacket and horse skulls somewhere.  While being the archmagos of the dark admech I don't think Scoria would be so awfully corrupted as his successors; a chaos star and a toothed, fleshy blade on his weapon would be enough for him, I believe.
Another thing was that leg.  A relic of past life as a mortal, he has no use for it anymore seeing as he can levitate.

Not very structurally sound, but oh well!
I wasn't sure what to make of his weapon, the voidain scepture.  It is two-handed, but he only has one hand available-- so I gave him another.
So here he is all nicely painted up.


So that's that!  I can't remember if I already filled in my paint-a-miniature-as-a-gift bingo square, but here we are anyway!  A G+ acquaintance and fellow blogger 30kplus40k collects dark mechanicus, I know he would very much like him...
Bye-bye for now.



  1. Replies
    1. Hee hee, this is called getting lost in the bits box.

  2. That is thoroughly creepy - awesome work!

  3. D Power this great. Very Blanchitsu – beautifully evoking the dark, twisted, body-horror nature of technology in the 40th millennium. Rampant cybernetic upgrades, but still with a recognisable human form in there. I much prefer to this to the likes of, say, Belisarius Cawl.