Monday, 9 May 2016

short story time; a good idea?

Nice piece of stolen art...

Some blogging acquaintances were talking about blog content and what is interesting/expected of a blog.  I for one am quite fond of the little bits of fiction written about figures a blogger has made; a particular favorite being Eternalhunt (you'll find a link down the side).

Where was I going with this...?  I haven't been posting for a while because I haven't had enough content to show; spamming pictures of the one thing really doesn't appeal to me and I have trouble being verbose.  Plus the fact that I am in the middle of so many projects just now and my painting is SO bloody slow that's hardly anything to rely on--
So I then had a thought; I do need a bit of short story practice anyway.  What if, once a week, I write some 500-800 word bit of fluff and publish it here?  Perhaps with some form of illustration to go with it, that sort of thing.
What do you think?  At the least it'd get me posting on a more regular basis while I'm in the middle of so many projects-- my own fault, I admit-- and it'd be something nice for you to read, too.

Short story, once a week-- would you like this?  Please let me know!



  1. Full disclosure I am not sure I would read everything put up, really depends on what it is on and such.

    That being said if it helps your creative side then you go for it!

    1. I'm not sure on the content I'd put up; one day I might suddenly be inspired to write about Imperial council discussing promethium costs! :P I ought to give them a decent title so you don't end up reading something you later find you don't like.

    2. I look forward to seing what comes of it.