Monday, 2 October 2017

My dreadtober project: leviathan!

 Oookay!  This has got to be the best October ever-- I've finished the last of the skaven commission to ship off on Thursday, I've got half an IK and two dreadnoughts on the altar and I've been ripped to absolute shreds for my Robute Guilliman model on facebook!  But never mind, that's not what I'm posting for today, it's Dreadtober!  Just so you know, the event has it's own blog now (slap obligatory link to blog here) to keep things tidy.

Right, my official pledge for this month is a leviathan dread for my Space Marines who've been ignored for FAR too long now.  They aren't a 30K force, and the leviathan isn't really a 40K piece, but my excuse is that they're so old it should be alright.

This fellow's got a grav-flux bombard and autocannon; alas, I couldn't think of any particularly provocative kitbashing, apart from the usual world-tree icon and perfunctory bit of hurricane mesh.

So here he is, after assembly and priming.  Oh, but I absolutely LOVE the sculpt, never mind what I said when it came out!

So that's my "official" pledge, just to be safe, but there's another, smaller chap on the altar too... I'm not so desperate to finish this one-- because well, I've got an IK to finish before December, and a land raider too.  But I still hope to squash in a minute or two between washes for this fellow!

Bye bye for now.


  1. Strong play on two pledges.
    Always love that tree icon of yours. It evokes hellboy to me, for some reason.

  2. Love the Leviathan. Looking forward to seeing how you panit him up!

  3. Sweeeeet - That's looking awesome! Great builds, man!

  4. Yes! Looking forward to your to your work on the dreads.

    1. And I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's!