Sunday, 23 October 2016

Hobby update: back to the admech... in a minute

Got a lot on the altar at the moment that I'm slowly chewing through, a thousand nice little projects that are so numerous they get hardly any attention; Throne, what a terrible habit to get into!  Coupled with the dilemma of real life and work, but I'm not here to complain to you-!  I'm getting straight back into my skitarii!

... Right after I finish these BA terminators.  I'm using the IK foreheads as pauldrons, as I like to think they give a classic tactical dreadnought silhouette.

You might be wondering why the pobble on the right has no toes.  That's because Sigmarine feet are pointy, and terminators' aren't-- so I'll be replacing them.

I'm having a shot at using metal for capes/cloth, bending it around with needle-nose pliers and cutting myself to bits in the process.  It'll still want tidying up with greenstuff afterwards, though.

Ah yes, here's the WiP transuranic arquebus, me having fun with turning it into a diorama.  I've also got an idea or two for a techpriest dominus, should I eventually pick up some cult admech...

...Using this.

I'm also scratch-building (if that's what you call it) a sister of battle, just to see if I can't.
Kirsten over at Stepping between Games has had a breakdown of her silver GD winner featured, and the amount of greenstuff work on that seraphim amazed me, enough at least to have a go at one myself.

Not sure where I'm going with the jump pack at the moment, we shall have to see...

As far as painting goes, I haven't been.  I'm sorry.  Apart from what you've seen on Flikr and a few drawings my brush has been quite still for some time.  Better get another can of white primer soon...

So that's that!  I'm getting straight back into my admech, yes, I've just got a few things to finish first.
 Hee hee, you all know where that'll end up...

Bye bye for now.



 Ten things I hate about GW

Because I'm canonically obliged to hate them.


  1. Wow. Thank you for making me feel better about the amount of things I have going at once, it pales compared to yours. How do you manage to juggle so many projects?

    1. Hee hee, that's okay! I am cursed with the inability to focus single-mindedly on anything. I have all the projects sitting on my desk at once and I circulate them going on what I feel like at that moment, or how much surplus greenstuff I mixed up. Apart from that, there's no real structure, which might be a problem...

  2. Some more incredible work you have going on there D. Looking forward to seeing what you having in store for them all.

    1. Me too! I'm thinking of allying them with my IK house. I ought to pick up some cult admech too.

  3. That's some great work! Very Blanche-esque, which in my book, is awesome.

  4. It takes a special person to make such fine detail on those figurines... Nice work! :)

    1. Thanks! The sculpting part is tricky but I'm practicing ;)

  5. A talent or skill like that should be practice more and embrace, a skilled persons always start from small beginning. Nice art work!! ^-^