Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Helbrute: because why.


Well, this was fun.  I converted the Dark Vengeance Helbrute into a more Tzeentchy one, simply for the hell of it.  That pun was worse than lame.

I've seen several people swap the multi-melta for a lascannon, which I thought I'd have a go at also.  I added a mess of lascannon cables to the weapon and tried to make the upper muzzle look like it was melting into the lower one.

Some of the spikes I replace with antlers from various people's helmets, and the fingers are hormogaunt scything talons.  I also found a metal tail from I don't know but I'd love to know who from.

I combined a tomb kings standard with a Tzeentch one and mounted it on a brass pipe.  I had a go at sculpting unnatural fire erupting from within, and a mouth leering from the icon.  I drilled a hole into the helbrute and sculpted more fire around the base to steady it.

I always like making my dreadnoughts faceless horrors, and this was no exception.  If you look inside the face you can just make out a skull and an eye imbedded in the greenstuff; it will be a pain to paint, but oh well.
The body hanging down is the targeting array I think, and was inspired from an enemy from The Evil Within called the Amalgam_Alpha.  I'd really like to make something more like that one day, like a helbrute split down the middle or something like that.

That's that.  A converted helbrute.


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