Friday, 9 January 2015

Children of the Imperium #4: The Imperial preacher

Well, this was fun to make.  This is the fourth figure in this series; please see the rest of my blog for the other three.

I had the idea of encapsulating what the Devourer would do to the minds of the staunchly faithful over time, and this is the result.  The Imperial preacher is made from two different halves of Chaos cultists with yet another's arm.  You can probably guess which Dark Vengeance cultists I used.  The face originally had a mask, but I cleaned it up so it looked more like his face.

He wears the carapace of what he thought was the ripper's mother; shows how unlearned he really is...
I wanted to keep the pose of the original miniature, to give the idea of how maddened he is.
His ripper is the remaining one of a swarm he traveled his hive with, preaching of the Doom as he went and giving "demonstrations" of the horror of the Tyranids.  The Arbites found him and confiscated his rippers, but one turned up in the hold of a Rogue trader, so there we are.

Oh yeah, all the literature is from the Grey knights Terminator kit.

And that's that.  My mad Imperial preacher.  I'm running out of things to paint, for I am out of primer and only have so many in reserve, but I'll manage.



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    1. It's jewelry chain. Normally, one would get micro-chain from your local hobby shop, but because mine isn't that well stocked, I had to go around the second-hand shops and collect ladies necklaces.