Friday, 23 January 2015

Longsaw: Anime weapon?

A good while ago, I found an old sawblade at the antique shop.  You know, those ones that folk artists take and paint cart-horses and farm machinery on.  Dad and I put a pine handle on it and turned it into a weapon which is actually quite effective.

I call it a longsaw for want of a better name.  When I stained the handle, I put a few layers over the blade to give it a rusted look.  I have no skills in welding or anything, so it still has the flexibility of a sawblade; it is not a sword.  It was designed to be dragged behind the wielder.

It's also 1730 mm long including the handle and weighs about 8 kilos.  I intend to wrap it in bandages to be carried on the back.  I just need a decent outfit now...


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