Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Assembling/converting an imperial knight part 3: persevering despite the darkness

Work begins on the White Rose's face

I have been recovering from a sudden bout of depression this last while; it would have been much harder were it not for the people on the G+ 40K community; their work and the nice things they said brought me out of-- of Dorn's Darkness, and I am better for it.
In hindsight I'm actually quite glad of the darkness, for in such a time (which is often) my painting style darkens considerably, and I do things that normally I would not consider doing with my miniatures-- such as this;

Does this happen to anybody else, I wonder?
I also didn't take any progress photos while possessed with the darkness, so this is more an showcase of the aftermath.  Here, I have finished the interior.

You see, normally I wouldn't use so much typhus corrosion and blood FTBG in one place.
She is said to be very beautiful under that chainmail mask, but I don't think she even HAS a face...

The lady Banquo, also is finished, and I really surprised myself with the utter horror in the painting.

 This is what I'll be using in place of a-- a-- what d'you call it, a banner.  Two pieces of sprue I believe from the old assault squad kit have been glued together with a piece of hurricane fence between.  I think I'll just hang a body off it or something similar...

Where I am just now.  The torso is not glued on
And that's it, I suppose.  Although Dorn's Darkness has its benefits it ruins family life, so I'm happy to be better now.


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