Monday, 8 June 2015

Seal of the collegia titanica

All sorts has happened recently, many things other than the hobby, which is a very good thing but I don't update as often.  Why did I bring this up?
Anyway, observe this that I found while looking about for images of titan battles.  This is why they called it Epic 40K-- unfortunately the word has come to mean a great deal less than it did even back then.

I'm led to believe they're Warlord-class, which makes it all the more spectacular... Reminds me of that scene in the Hobbit film where the mountains rose up and fought with each other.
BUT observe the fellow on the far right.  D'you see the enormous purity seal chained to his hull?  This seemed to be a common thing in the days of Epic 40k, and was dropt when Forge World produced the miniature.  I'm not at all sure on the story behind the titanic purity seal-- and would be very glad of any information-- but I decided to make one for my Imperial knight.

I hunted around for a nice, large, classic-styled skull to work from; the chaos terminator kit had a shoulder pad that suited when chopped up.  I tried to replicate the pseudo-writing the classic Grey Knights had sculpted into their armour, and added a few more skulls because Imperium.
The piece of cloth/parchment is obviously the master of marches scroll, which I decorated with GK purity seals.
It was all very fragile, so instead of gluing it to the knight I will magnetise it, along with the chains.

I won't be putting the exhaust pipes on, so it'll be okay

The chains are a little too meaty, but oh well.
And that's that.  The seal of the Collegia Titanica.


Aaaand a token gesture progress picture

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