Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The lonely kitbasher begins a new faction?

The plastic wracks are amazing.  Really, they are; I bought them for converting into SM scouts and got very, very distracted looking at how intricate everything is.  And just as well too, seeing as they're sixty-four dollars...  I have considered collecting Dark Eldar for a while now, but haven't really made any decision.  They're a fragile race, quite literally-- I would have great trouble with my nasty, fat fingers to put anything together.  And isn't DE really more of a girl's army?  The only people I know of who collect them are girls, at least.

Then a few nights ago I had an odd dream.  I was having to escape somewhere with a group of people I remembered as being friends, but they had been mutated horribly and were as diseased as plaguebearers.  I myself had a hand stuck full of syringes and couldn't move my arm at all.  We were armed with scalpels and bits of framework off some kind of bed and were running through endless hallways that for a moment looked like a freezing works with racks and racks of oven tray-looking things; I pulled one out and it was full of foetuses, frozen in place and all full of needles.
Can't remember the rest but that was what stuck out in my head the most.  I remember feeling very disturbed, a feeling I had to put into my miniatures but not my Space Marines...

So... Dark Eldar?  will it be a thing?  They're lightning-fast but not very strong with kabalite warriors being 9 pts each without modifiers.  They're more into lots of presicion strikes than one bludgeoning blow like the Imperium.  Not so much conversion work to be had in them either, but I went for it and made a test model anyway.

The Cabal of A Flayed Lust.  They are a great band of pirates who live far below the deepest reaches of the Dark City, raiding noble houses through the sewer systems and breeding/creating hideous creatures to guard their kingdom when they leave for realspace raids.

Here's a kabalite also.  A simple head swap feels so cheap to me-- that's a dark elf head, by-the-by.  I should try the other way around-- a DE head on an elf body.

So that's that.  What d'you think?  Is this a thing I should seriously consider?  I know I want some enemies to pose against my SM, so I'll end up collecting something in the end.  (I thought orks, but I'd get so carried away with them I wouldn't get anything done.)


Work begins on an inquisitor as well.


  1. I don't know what you should do, but I have been in the same position myself. Generally, I think people should go wherever their muse leads them (for you, that seems to be a deep dark whole full of mutants and syringes LOL!). I branched out and started collecting Tyranids, which gives me a break from painting power armour that I appreciate greatly. You may find that DE provide the same catharsis.

  2. DE seems like a good choice. also it has PLENTY of kitbash/converting potential.....almost as much as orks. also dark, wood, high elves mixed with eldar, harlequin and dark eldar kits means there is a large variety to build a Kabal with, not to mention you can use monsters "looted" from anything and modded up with syringes and mutations to boot.

    then again orks have a benefit of not being too precious with your builds. as in anything goes, also it is easier to make orky things even look like actual kits using plasticard as i found out recently.

    overall i like the idea of the fluff you have for a potential Kabal/pirate raiding force. always wanted to get into dark eldar but my brother plays eldar so i thought i'd let him get some but he never i might get some eventually :)

    1. There have been a number of WHFB elf kits I've wanted to try out and now I have an excuse. I'm thinking of making some mounted units on horse-like creatures, maybe even eldar modified like centaurs...

    2. consider me intrigued over that conversion kitbash. my brother made me up some centigorks, or four legged black orks and i am always on the lookout for new builds. :)