Saturday, 10 October 2015

General hobby update: re-basing and some other things

To-day has been a bit busy; I'm taking my motorcycle all the way to Christchurch to-morrow, and though I'm only staying overnight I'm going to be terrible burned out for a while afterwards, so I'm throwing together a random lot of things on my desk for you to look at.

The more busy the character, the tidier the base

Firstly, I had to re-base my finished Astartes.  The system I'm using is thus; super-glue around the litter, sand over the top and another layer or two repeated.  It's not much but I don't really want the base to be too busy.  They have to be undercoated (previously I was using washes to colour the sand) and this is why re-basing was necessary.  But it's done now.

Three kabalite warriors assembled, seventeen more to go...  I thought it would look different and strange if you could see their faces but not those of the wytches.  It also means I need to get more dark elf kits, which is fine.
I think I've finally got macro zoom sorted out
Here's a little banner bearer made with a Watcher in the Dark.  He has genestealer claws for toes and a dragon snout poking out the end of his hood.  How cute.
The eagle's wingses need a bit of feathering but I'll do that later.

Finally, a WiP Thollr sergeant, with power fist and combat shield-- and the rest of his wargear.  The banner was kindly given me by G+ acquaintance Sebastian (thanks again by the way!) it's too heavy to magnetise so I drilled right through the backpack and used a piece of wire; this way it can still pop out for painting/storage.

And that's that.  A lot of random things.  Better go get my backpack ready; six hours ride to Christchurch tomorrow, Throne and fate-willing.  Bye-bye for now.


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