Thursday, 11 February 2016

Miniature painting bingo: a nice thing to do


Miniature painting bingo: get five in a row to win.  One project per square.  Indeed, a good way to get going with your hobby if you find yourself slowing down a bit-- perhaps a nice goal to get the whole thing finished?  I know I can't argue against it now because I've taken up the challenge...

First, I'll clear up that in no way did I invent this.  A G+ acquaintance reshared from another, and I'm following on.

So here's what I'll be working on to complete the challenge:
  • An above-standard squad with scenic base (Sm scouts)
  • An updated version of an old model (Librarian with jump pack)
  • Paint a bust (one of Legolas I found in a drawer)
  • Finish something on the bottom of the to-do list (a stormtalon, funnily enough)
For some reason I've got my incomplete Inquisitor warband in the picture too.  Perhaps I'll paint them all in flash gitz yellow and genestealer purple (OUCH) and complete the "paint in a colour you don't like" square.

Also a diorama.  It looks quite messy right now but hopefully it'll clean up alright.

So that's that.  More distraction-- but such is the life of the Lonely kitbasher.


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