Sunday, 22 May 2016

LoZ kitbash #1: beserkr Link

When I remember-- and while they still have them-- I try to leave my local EB games with a LoZ gatcha pod/blind bag for giggles.  So far I've got lucky and only had one double-up, which is a pity because I want double-ups so I don't feel so bad about kitbashing.
By-the-by, I'm making plans for repainting my TP amiibo (grimdark OF COURSE), but I'm going to need to practice first before I even touch it.  I couldn't bear to do Midna any wrong...

candidate #1: OoT Link
While I was wondering what to do with him, I discovered his hands were ork-sized!  that opened up a lot of options-- I could have been as cheap as I liked and just given him guns.
Pinning wasn't a problem at this size, which was a nice change.
Microchain from my inexhaustible supply and my own barbed wire; an ork pauldron and some SM pouches.  Then there was the question of a shield...

Basically I had three options available.  Oh, I feel terrible now for not choosing the Hylian shield!  It would have looked nice, but I want that saved for the amiibo build.  The sigmarine shield (minus iconography) is a great deal smaller but it's a bit like one from aLttP, so it had to do.

Our best-seller...

Here's what I decided on, item-wise; I've given him the letter from Zelda, the phoenix feather and the translation book, was it Mudora's book?

I'm terrible at basing, so the tired old sand/stones will have to do.

So here's what I'm up to at the moment.  Everything's primed and Throne, am I excited about painting!  Last time I painted a Zelda figure was this fellow back in 2014!
Though I'm not sure about a scheme yet.  What tunic should I give him, I wonder-- what shield?  Pink hair?  Oh, the indesicion!


Another WiP for the record

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  1. Link has never looked like more of a bad@$$. Bravo!