Saturday, 11 June 2016

Hobby update: Watercolours and motorcycles on legs

Hallo again.  Been a bit of a rough patch of late, but it'll pass soon enough, I'm sure.  I hope this last while you didn't think I'd given up on the hobby!  No!  I've found time to get a few things done, start yet another-nother project and find a new pastime.

Firstly, look what I picked up at the 2nd hand bookshop!  Funny enough I don't actually know what edition this is... 3rd?  It looks a lot more fun than current rules-- despite the lack of flyers-- you also get so much backstory, and it's all quite dark in comparison to nowadays.  I feel prompted to write another "rambling thoughts" post.

Venerable Chaplain Heilagr

Also, a few chaps I finished painting in the last while.  They're on Flikr if you want to see a nice rotation. And better lighting.

Here's a pretty thing.
At first I didn't really know if the Sagodjur Fjorlag were going to have bikers in their midst.  Being 2nd founding, "bastard"Chapter and all that, plus the fact that I haven't found any bike-related 30K information-- it's all been jetbikes.  But then I thought, what if they saw the bikes of other Chapters and wanted to make some of their own?  What'd they look like?

So I got a WoC horse, a CSM bike and a flagellant and there we go.  More pictures to come once he's completed.

Nothing major here, but I was just pleased with the way his hair went and I wanted to share it.

Through the looking-glass; d'you know that Symphony X song?
And finally, on a slightly unrelated note, I have taken up watercolours as a thing now.  Once I read John Blanche uses-- or used at some point-- proper citadel paint for his artwork, and let me tell you, it's jolly fun to work with, 'specially watered down a fraction!  The inconsistencies in the card really help with the look, too.

So that's that.  Quite a few things done; I'm getting a short story ready for next Wednesday too.
Bye bye for now.


  1. Good to hear from you D :-) That's 3rd Edition alright. It was such a big change from 2nd Ed. it killed the game for me for while. As each codex was released it got better, so you may want to try and pick some of them up as well if you want to try playing; they should be very cheap online. That "bike" looks rad, I can't wait to see what it looks like painted!

    1. Thanks Marc! I'm considering getting a witch hunter's codex for fluff purposes; the gaming side isn't quite as important to me, but I do like making my figures playable without difficult WYSiWYG rules.

  2. *check blog, slightly horrified by horse-bike, scrolls down further and is actually horrified by painting*

    Both of those are really well done just spooky. Glad you haven't left altogether and I hope things start to come together for you soon.

    1. Hee hee, thanks! I was never fond of Disney's butchering of Alice. Not edgy enough for me :P