Thursday, 9 February 2017

Hobby update: speeders, spawn and Squaduary

Hee hee, I knew my rate of starting new projects would come back and bite me one day.  Even though I've only got three imperative ones going at the moment, they're all quite work-intensive and I've regrettably found less hobby time as Summer draws to its abrupt close.

To begin with, my Squaduary pledge.  Oh, the shame!  I reckon I'm the only one behind in my work-- and I've only got FOUR chaps to do!  It's great to see everyone else's, though.
The fellow I was going to make a company champion has sort of turned into a musician, and the company banner might be the last thing painted, but we're getting there.  By inches.

As for Jimmy's commission, that's creeping along too.  Here's the first of the five chaos spawn; the encroaching darkness and the ghost of the Night Lord. 

And the other three; the headless centaur, the assassin, and the possessed cultist.  I reckon the centaur is closest to completion, and I'm very happy with how he's looking so far.  That shield won't amount to anything rule-wise, but it looks good.
For the possessed chap, I was initially thinking of just having one single daemon hanging out the top, but that would have looked silly.

I opted for the three/four ghouls instead, much more satisfactory.  A swirling vortex of madness as opposed to one solid-looking fellow with what would have looked like silly little legs...

 Ah, and this is a rather mad idea I had for a terrain piece.  Those who are familiar with your Apocrypha Terra will know the story in John 5 of the pool at Bethesda, where the angel descended once in a while to stir the waters and the first ailing mortal to touch the pool afterwards was healed.

 Now imagine that story, produced by Burg, Koules and Hoffman.  With a Night Lord as the angel and a slaughterhouse as the setting.

...Moving on to brighter things, I'm also fiddling around with my first landspeeder.  Not sure if I've already posted about it yet, but here we are.  It's not on the imperative list, but it's being seen to every once in a while.

 You can hardly see the driver's legs, but I wanted to change them anyway-- 'cause I could.


 As interesting as the weapon options were, I'm going with plain old missiles and a heavy bolter.  This is my only fast attack, and I don't really want it constantly having to jink with all the fire it'd draw.  Anyway, I like bolt weapons, 'specially as being VIIIth sons, they've all got Bolter drill!

 He'll be reaching down to clock some poor sod in the chin as he goes by.

I made the mistake of deciding to have the engine housing made out of hurricane mesh, so I'm now having to come up with a way of making the engines interesting!

So here's where I'm up to at the moment, sorry for the rotten photos.  Copious amounts of barbed wire, some greenstuff hair and an Astartes with a bare chest.  Yup, definitely says "D Power" right there.

And that's that!  Maybe next time there'll be a bit of paint to speak of.  I certainly hope so.

Bye bye for now.


  1. I've seen those metal(ic) skulls pass by on G+ before, yes :) Nice progress there!

    Those Spawn look great, love what you did with the "possessed cultist"!! Cannot wait for the end-results!!

    What's this about "the VIIIth sons"? Are the Night Lords actually pulling you in, seeing as they are the 8th, Imperial Fists are VII !!? Come to the dark side, we have skinning pits (When it's done TM) ;-)

    1. Oh Throne, someone can't count. Just as well I didn't say IVth, Rogal Dorn would have my hide! I'd better fix that...

    2. I'm sure, that if or when Rogal returns, he'll have something else on his mind ;-)

  2. Looking well there bravo.

    I always get a Hellboy vibe off you. One day I will have something of yours to show off on the site.

    1. Hellboy? That's an interesting parallel. Thanks!