Monday, 20 February 2017

So I'm painting a Skaven army now.

Thank Heaven for clean hobby spaces!  Spent most of my free time today cleaning up and tidying away half-finished projects and empty glue pottles and brushes too cruddy for the "cruddy brush" category, now I can really kick back and spread my projects far and wide, and let my creativity run riot.  Well, not really.


Before you ask-- the green thing has been super-glued to the bench for years and no, it isn't LEGO, it's a cheap ripoff.
While the bench was tidy, I thought it'd be a good time to showcase my audiobook collection.

OKAY-- time to calm down...  I'm way too wound up right now.  Why, might you ask?

So, all you lovely disciples who follow me on G+ might be aware of a big commission looming on the horizon; the client recently acquired a Skaven army and wanted me to paint it along with is two IK kitbashes.  It arrived yesterday, much to my surprise, after only about a week in transit.

So when I say "Skaven army", I may or may not mean a force big enough to take over Altdorf with.  Oh, that's right, the Old World is done away with now.

Right, let's have a swift look at what I've got to do, shall we?  I meant to take more photos, but didn't in the end.

12 heavy weapon teams; I don't know my Skaven too well, but they look like three jezzails, a ratling gun and a whole swag of warpstone spitty things.

54 old skool clanrats, at least a mix of clanrats and night runner bits.  That'll want tidying up.

An unassembled grey seer and a doomwheel; you know what, I ought to pick one up myself one day, the bits are all so COOL!

I think a grand total of 40 odd stormvermin, half of which being metal!

Some I recognise as night runners...

and three rat ogres (?), one needing a bit of back surgery.

Now, among the units I didn't photograph, there were three metal gutter runners, two metal standard bearers, a super-classic metal verminlord (this chap here)  a warp lightning cannon and a plagueclaw, Throne knows how many ordinary clanrats and a host of characters besides a million extra bits!

So that's that... Looks like my hands will be tied for some time, so if I don't post in a while, this will be the reason.  With any luck I'll get my squaduary pledge done shortly, and the loose ends of my previous commission tidied into the mail.  Between layers and washes I might be able to squash in a little something here and there, but right now there's a grey tide on my desk that needs some severe attention.

Bye bye for now.


  1. Skaven were my first intro to the game, so that's quite a nostalgic post for me - enjoy and make the most of painting them!

    1. Will do, glad you enjoyed it! Gotta love the little buggers, and I wouldn't mind putting a band of my own together some day, if ever these rumors of AoS28 come to fruition...

  2. See you in a year or two ;) I do love a good horde army, but very daunting to paint all in one go!

    1. Hee hee, If I don't attempt any outside contact in six months, you can call me Rip Van Winkle ;)