Saturday, 4 February 2017

Swift ramble concerning March's releases

Everybody's been talking about the new plastic lords of war GW will be releasing in March, and while I took a much later boat I still feel the need to add my two cents.  As a kitbasher I looked at the kits and wondered, what could I do with them?  So using the almighty power of the prt scrn button-- I could have found better pictures elsewhere (BoLs, f'rinstance) but oh well!-- I've put together a swift ramble.  Here we go:

Here's a Grey Knight feat. Random Stone.  Forgive me, I'm not an expert on these chaps, but Captain Voldus is looking pretty spiffy.  The Aquila wings over his shoulders are particularly nice, but I can't help but weep at their sight...  Plus the snoopy cap under the baroque plate is so cool, as it's always been.
The book on his hip, Not sure if it's the Codicium Aeternum, but if it is, then there's something to worry about.  You know, to be in such times as to need the book on hand constantly...
So what could one do with captain Voldus?  Not much, I'm afraid, except maybe spruce up your GK force with some nice bits.  His sculpt is very grounded, very compact and stable, making the process of cutting joints a big deal.

 Next up is Cypher, and THRONE if this new look isn't amazing!  I'm going to try and put the two models side-by-side for a good look, let's see if I can't mess this up...

 He comes with a slightly different loadout to what he had before.  They've brought him up to date nicely, and I love how more knight-of-caliban his armour looks, especially that shoulder.  The weapon he's holding looks a bit like an admech arc weapon... I think?  Whatever it is, I must have it, even if I won't be able to use it anywhere else.

Once again, as far as bits go, I don't think Cypher would be too terribly useful.  A few things would be: if that really is the Lion Sword (please tell me it isn't) we now have an official (if slightly inaccurate) rendition for kitbashes of the 1st legion's Primarch-- though if the rumors are to be believed, we won't need to be making any more of Him...  With a bit of fiddling, he should fit quite well into any 30K player's 1st Legion force.

It might sound a bit silly, but if I get hold of Cypher, I think I'm going to give him a hat instead of a hood.

...Moving on, then!  Robute Guilliman has evidently returned!  I still remember reading about him for the first time in my lovely old 6th ed codex (had a distinct scent, it did) and I genuinely marvelled at the miracle of his state of coma.  I wondered,would he ever wake up?  Would he break stasis and rise up to lead his legion again?  Clearly, the horrors of the 41st millennium are few compared to what we're going to see in the coming months.

Okay, straight away I'm seeing that Mk 8 Errant now comes in XL.  First thing is-- how amazing that he carries his father's weapon into battle!  Second thing is-- that sword's a bit big.  This isn't Fromsoftware, and I thought the Emperor was slightly shorter than a Primarch?

I take back what I just said...
He's got a severely IK-ish thing going on with his heraldry.  It's all a bit generic, if you understand?  Which of course is fine in the kitbashing sense!  Hee hee, and the little wings are so cute.

Still don't quite get what's going on with that bolter of his, though.  It's not one of the Gauntlets of Ultramar, but perhaps an S5 Assault 3 version?  An infernus heavy bolter, looking at the little spout at the end?
 I did a bit of bare-bones research into the Gauntlets; the wiki article says they were taken back from a chaos champion by Guilliman and that he used them on occasion.  The fact that he isn't sculpted with them probably means good old Calgar is meant to still be alive, good on him.

I'm so awfully sorry to say this, but I don't really like Him as much as I could.  I feel horrid for saying this, don't get me wrong, but His plate is all a bit generic and too body-shaped.  It's not as bulky, armour-looking and satisfyingly weighty as the FW Guilliman wears-- the sculpt of which isn't all that old, so I can't blame modern-day sculptors for bad changes in style.

(You know, I wasn't terribly fond of FW's Guilliman either, to begin with, for the same complaint.  I also didn't like Silent Hill 4: the Room when it was new...)

So what could we do with our XIIIth primarch?  Make more Primarchs, of course.  That must be the reason behind his heraldry being so vanilla-- have GW produced a stock Primarch for one to make one's own god of war from?
I reckon Robby G is close to the same height as a kastelian, so bit-swapping is in order there; the dreadknights have a decent set of melee weapons, and the front end off the stormtalon's heavy bolter and the body of a Centurion's will make for a nice Primarch-sized boltgun... GODS I'm looking forward to this!

And that's that, for now.  Will I be picking any of them up when they are released?  I'd be a fool not to, wouldn't I?  Fingers crossed for future releases, and please don't tell me Horus is returning.  Bye bye for now.

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