Friday, 14 April 2017

Commission work: Imperial Knight #3 finished!

Fey Hunt!  Fey Hunt!  Call high, call high!
We shriek to the twilight, the midsummer sky!

Savage our teeth in the winds of the Hill,
Our cry ringing savage, we rise to the call,
Fey Hunt!  Breathe the words to the lords of the kill,
To imperial honour and praise...
To the foe as we slaughter them all!

Cold hearts of stone, they encompass you now,
Redemption cries out with the rays of the plea,
The forest expectant, they all forgot how
Our eyes burn like suns through their lies...
As we rise again eternally!

Fey Hunt!  Fey Hunt!  Call high, call high!
We march into twilight, the midsummer sky!
Call to the fallen and rise with the light, silent
Sentinels forging a way through the lie!

 Endlessly searching and crossing the plains,
Striking out, with hate blazing from muzzle and flare!
Slaughtering thousands again and again,
In fire and ire the centuries' eyes...
Lords of the kill, bring them pain!

... and somehow, no matter how I try...
We left them all behind so long ago...
Death rains around us, still upwards we climb,
To the Hunt! 

Lifetimes to destiny, passing them on
To the children of Huntsmen whose fathers await,
Honour the memories long lost and gone,
Honour the Throne of your praise...
Honour to Rasia's gate! 

Fey Hunt!  Fey Hunt!  Call high, call high!
We shriek to the twilight, the midsummer sky!

So  much green!  Not a colour I'd usually paint, 'specially in this amount, so great practice.  And transfers-- oh Throne, the transfers were a nightmare--- but I must admit, they do look awfully good, now they've finally decided to work.

So that's that!  Hope you like him, Joe.  To the Hunt, then!  And I'll get back to painting skaven.

Bye bye for now.


  1. Woah I don't even just Woah ! I assure this God machine will slay with impunity ! Death to the heretic

  2. Well I think have a new favourite knight of yours. Well played. Love the sensr of movement.

  3. Thanks everyone! Reposing is quite a mission, but yields a satisfying result when done right.

  4. You crazy person reposing it like that! Actually, did you take any pictures of the repose work? It would be great to see how you did it. Lovely paint job and nice work on the pilot and engine compartment

    1. We're all mad here, Alice! I'll have a hunt around, but I don't think I kept any leg WiP shots... Whoops.