Saturday, 8 April 2017

I won a prize!

I've got SO much on at the moment, not much time to post or anything, and it'd appear NZ post are withholding ALL my interesting post; a GW order, princess Mononoke OST, all sorts-- so between the new work environment and painting imperial knights, there hasn't been much happening, I'm afraid.

Still, I somehow won a prize!

Some of you might know fellow G+ dweller Thefallenstar and his Personal Painting Challenge.  If he fails to meet his own (often rather steep!) challenge within the month, a lucky follower becomes the Failwinner, who gets a figure built and painted 'specially for them; an interesting system, if a bit painful for him if the Failwinner ends up living in NZ...

 When Thefallenstar contacted me to say I'd won, I was rather surprised, and then very pleased that I could own a piece of someone else's work-- particularly his, because look at it!  The edge highlights, how vibrant and clean the colours are!  A far take from what I'm used to seeing on my bench.

I asked if he would very sweetly make a succubus for my (currently head-canon-only) DE faction, loosely based on a Big Sister from Bioshock.  White clothing, no visible face, a blaster and agoniser.

Also a yellow helmet, a trophy taken from an encounter with the Sagodjur Fjorlag perhaps?

So yeah, that's that!  Very short post to-day, just wanted to show off this exceptional piece of work, and to say thank you to the nice chap who built it.  Do make sure to check out Thefallenstar, his lot's pretty varied and he's going to be putting together a tyranid force based on famous kaiju.  Definitely something to look forward to.

Bye bye for now.

P.S  Commission work is steaming along-- having an Audible account certainly helps.  I sit down to paint after coming home at 2, and next I know it's midnight and Harry Potter hasn't even found out how Tom's diary works.


  1. That's an awesome figure! Glad to hear the commission work is going well ;-)

  2. That looks pretty sweet and congratulations.