Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Random hobby update: Custodes, also I've run out of glue

Fun game; get a bunch of skaven in a tight group and shout "CAT!"

Right, so to get this out of the way, I've been so busy I've run out of all my glues AT ONCE.  Talk about bad management; I'm waiting on a few more from ebay now.  If anything, it's a prompt to get into batch painting again!
While I'm continuing with the massive skaven order, I'll show you what else I'm working on, what I've bought with someone else's money and what I've been a bit of a nong and started.

Firstly, some single figures.  A necron overlord; the client gave me a bit of backstory, in that he was accidentally awoken alone by Tau, and he has spent the rest of the time striving against them.  I'm still figuring out a way to portray this, so for now I'm giving him a suitable base.

The Alpha legion dark apostle I began a while ago has started to get a bit of paint on him now.

See, look.  I start with a coat of silver, then go on with watered-down blue and a purple wash.

Now THIS has been something I've been wanting to do for a while.  I'm finally assembling my custodes!
Well, technically not mine, I sold them, along with my remaining sisters of silence and a Talons box set that, weather permitting, I'll be picking up this afternoon.
To tie them all together, I decided on a simple chequerboard floor for them, also because I suck at basing.

The client (same chap as the skaven and two IKs, bless him) wanted them to be a little different form the norm while still being obvious; each being their own individual.  I knew for a FACT I wanted them to have Dark Souls shields, as in with the handles rotated.  Not like I'd know much about shields, I'm still struggling with the high wall of Lothric.  I've got Dark Souls III, by the way!

 I'm supposed to have eight assembled so far, but as aforementioned, I sort of ran out of glue... anyway-- from left then!  I gave the first guy the furioso's power blade on his spear and a literal pony tail.  Second guy has a greenstuff shoulder with a wing and the Slaughterpriest's body; the same base I used for my blog's mascot, Alone With a Dream.
The third chap is just Fabio, and the fourth needed a bit of extra padding around a shoulder pad that didn't want to fit.

And these three are pretty straightforward.  Two are even primed.  The client asked for me to give him examples of porcelain, obsidian and heavily weathered copper to decide on a decent scheme.

Ich liebe geld ausgeben!  'specially when it's somebody else's.  Calgar and the berserkers are for me, don't know why, just needed them.  You know how it is, tell me I'm not the only one!

No, actually, the berserkers are for if I ever wanted to put together a small kill team/30K force; I've settled on Word Eaters as legion of choice.  Infantry based, chain weapons and lots of weathering, what's not to love!
Calgar was for an idea I had a while ago.  I wanted to read Graham McNiell's Ultramarine series, and make a semi-dramatised audiobook series sort of thing.  If it ever went up on Youtube, it'd need some interesting graphics; having the characters to look at would be nice, wouldn't it?

The tzeentchy things are part of another IK commission.  The client saw Victory Awaits and wished for me to make him one to go with his Thousand sons.  He said he was impressed with my work.  I'm dreadfully flattered.

So that's that!  Right now, I guess I'll just paint until the glue arrives.
Bye bye for now.


  1. That is an eclectic mix of projects and sure to keep you busy for at least a few days 😁
    Rough running out of glue thougb

    1. Gotta keep on that hobby supplies ball. Funny I only bought a new pot of cement last month XD

  2. Lovely huge update matey! Looking forward to the endresult of the Alpha Legion dude, expecting the paint to come out nicely :)

    Word Eaters, really? Estranged wildmen with Nails, bringing the Word of Lorgar, or make them eat a chainaxe? Then again, just an autocorrect-issue? :P

    1. It wasn't auto-correct this time ;) Just something about them... White SMs always remind me of real-life space suits, and mixing that up with gladiators, I don't know! I've read False Gods, and the Auretian siege really left a mark on me.

    2. I know, right!? May I suggest "Angron" and maybe ever more "Betrayer"?

  3. Wow you are going to need a lot of time to work through that and keep your style up to your fun standard.

    1. It's going to be far too easy to burn out, but I'll try ;)