Thursday, 18 May 2017

A post to my future self

Dear future Lonely:
Together with the help of your unquenchable friend Joe (you know Joe!), we bought you a present.

Don't open it until you move into your new place, will you?  And make VERY sure Past Lonely finished up the best part of those commissions he's been chipping away at, or you'll be sorry.

The scion's not yours, though; that's Joe's.
Hope you're still happy and haven't killed yourself by then.  Maybe "C" has come back to you?  Do let me know how you're getting on in that new place.

Looking forward to seeing you in the future.  Hope you enjoy the present, and do make sure to thank Joe; if he wasn't so on-the-ball, we couldn't get it into the country!

Yours sincerely,
Past Lonely



  1. Replies
    1. I admit I do feel a bit loopy at the moment, but that's all. Thanks.

  2. You have me worried for you. I hope things are looking up.

    1. Thanks, but there's no need, really! Unless you think me mad for buying such a model, then go right ahead and be worried XD

  3. Glad everything made it in !!! If you need anything drop a line !

  4. Those Joes, swell guys 😀
    That box intrigues me as well... But perhaps you should listen to the other D, and get those projects done and posted so we can see too!