Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Entry for a painting competition

Throne, but I really should have chosen a better backdrop than this...  Oh well!  So here's my entry for a little painting competition held over at the 30K G+ community over the last 30 days.  Entrants were given a randomly selected legion, and as much as I was hoping for a World Eater or an Imperial Fist I was allotted a Thousand Son!  Certainly something to stretch the mind, seeing as the scions of Magus never really appealed to me; but as you see, I didn't really try anyway.  Ha!  Red's the most difficult colour to paint, by the way.

The instructions were a bog standard tactical brother, so I did what I could to make him interesting.  First and foremost, I don't like the eyes on my MkIII helmets, so I take them off.  A sister of silence flamer is nice, and small enough to be one-handed along with a chainsword, something I remember in a lot of classic art.  The bare arm is because I like using skin as a spot colour more than anything.

So there we are!  I guess I am pleased with him, I hope the judge likes him.  Andrew Sharanov is a master at his craft indeed, and I don't want to try and say for one moment I wanted to win at all!  But the prize of a plastic contemptor sounds awfully nice...


In other news, I've just put the finishing touches on the jade sisters of silence.  Green's the most difficult colour to paint, by the way.  Again, so glad for commission work, I know now I never want to paint sororitas--of any kind-- as a playable force!  They're just so damn fiddly.

Competitions are so fun.  Especially when I actually get around to participating.  Maybe I should organise one, I could at least rustle up a decent set of trophies...

Bye bye for now.


  1. A Blanchitsu (...DPowerchitsu...) competition? I'd sign up for that! Also; yellow: the most difficult colour to paint. I have never done it, but I just know that when I do I'll be clawing out my eyes like Sam Neill in Event Horizon.

    1. Nah, yellow's a breeze if you lather it in enough typhus corrosion! It's all down to what you're used to, I guess. I for one haven't been painting DA since high school ;)