Saturday, 13 May 2017

Random hobby update: contemptors and undead

Right!  As always, got a lot of stuff on, which is why I have been so neglectful of the poor old blog.  I'm really tired right now, so sorry in advance if this all gets a bit silly and hard to read.  There's also a long-winded ramble at the end about a Nice Idea of mine, just warning you now so you're not shocked at it in comparison to the amount I wrote for my (more important) WiPs.

 Here's a lot of pieces.  Look at them all, isn't there a lot?  I wonder what I'm going to do with them all...  Part of my custodes commission includes a contemptor dreadnought, which I like to think I'll be magnetizing.

 Here's the three arms, or at least where I was up to last.  The two gun arms are going to have two ends each; The first will have a melta and a flamer, and the second will have an assault cannon and a heavy bolter.

I'm assuming a contemptor dread in 40K is allowed the same loadout as a vanilla one?

 Taking cues from Fortitudo,  I decided to give the contemptor a cherubic visage on its front.  I don't know what stopped me from going out and buying a doll straight away... I spoke to my mum, and she was willing to part with one of hers, for a price.

Anyway, if you wanted to know what Kelly looked like without a face, there we are.  Shotgun collar victim.

 This sort of thing.  Pipes and some fancy greenstuff work that I can'tthinkofrightnowbecauseI'mtootired (inhales deeply) should tie it together nicely.

Right, so here's where I'm up to with the contemptor.  Thoughts so far?  Obviously, there's a LOT of work to be done, but it's just a matter of getting there.

More skaven.  Actually, these chaps are all primed now.

Another commission piece I'm chipping away at is a Tzeentch IK, and it's proving a very interesting piece to be sure.  I need to be careful not to go overboard or, as usual, I'll never finish it!

I'm particularly enjoying this one, as I can do pretty much ANYTHING, so long as it doesn't look really stupid.  Also spamming a new sort of ribbing I just got good at.

 A gaunt summoner will be driving.  I'm wondering what else to cram into the interior...

Slow progress on the anti-capitalist  Tau character.

Ah yes, here's a buy I'm proud of.  All three at once, VERY happy with them, 'specially as I don't own most of the WDs they feature.  I'm aware the apocrypha series were received poorly for that reason, they were all just copy/paste WD articles, but I personally am fine with it.  I need to give these books a decent review later.
...Hey, I saw the hourglass and panicked, okay?

RIGHT!  Now for the long-winded ramble!
Here's a teaser for something big looming on the horizon.  Not physically, like any large vehicle or walker I may or may not have alluded to on G+, *cough* but a generally big story with even bigger potential I'm adding to here and there.  One day it might see the light of day, I don't know.

Last post was about a fictional game I invented for the story, a series called Astronomica.  I've been mulling over the idea for a while, and I'd really like to see it expanded on in some way.  It's basically Warhammer 40,000 if portrayed by Fromsoftware, not a crossover, though it borrows certain elements-- that of Astartes being undead in reality etc.  The overbearing style will be a step away from Blanchitsu; a drier, blacker, more burned feel I reckon.  Not trying to be the next Blanchitsu-killer, of course!

The concept of Astronomica, as I like to envision it in the future, is a general collection of lore-building and all-round fun times with fellow Dark Souls/Warhammer enthusiasts sharing an interest.  Together, I'd like for us to build a world around this concept, throw together some nice models and maybe even base a few skirmish games around it.  I'm currently putting together some stuff for you to read and maybe find inspiration, as well as a model or two (or a whole squad), but yeah!  Suddenly cutting my ramble short there as I'm WAY too tired to carry on!

I so awfully want this to become a thing, I know we can have a lot of fun with it!  I'll put up a post later detailing what I hope to achieve with the whole concept of Astronomica, and I'm going to have to spread the word around somehow.

And that's that, I think!  A whole random lot of stuff and the desperate ramble of some poor soul.  Next post I won't be so tired, I can promise you that.

Oh yeah, in other news, I've begun work on a graphic novel!  Long process, come back in four years if you want to ask me how I'm doing ;)

Bye bye for now.


  1. Lots happening inside Kelly's Head that one's gonna stick with me kinda scary lmao ! That contemptor though extra creep sauce, well played dear chap !!!! Looks awesome as always look forward to seeing the skaven clan when complete !

  2. You do always have a lot going on don't you? Looking well though, bravo.