Saturday, 24 February 2018

Commission work: many things completed

This is why I shouldn't start eight hundred projects at once... it takes forever to complete them, and then I have eight hundred things in a bunch to show.  Ah well, photo time!  Extremely bad photos, I might warn you; all the cameras are flat and my phone can't cope with any light LESS than five miniature suns.

I'll jam a flikr link in here once they're up with some proper photos.

First up is the looted rhino I made a while ago, in its slightly mad and very-difficult-to-paint glory.

 Second is the commander for that kill tank I recently finished.  As I probably mentioned before, I wasn't sure where in the top hatch he was supposed to fit, so here he is on foot.

And lastly, sister Celestine and retinue!  Yeah, I took a rather much more differenter route with her design than most kitbashes I've seen-- I wanted to go with the cape/curtain wings, but alas, the material I was using didn't want to work with me, so here we are.
Very, very pleased with how she turned out, all the same.  Ya know, I've had that metal torso sitting in my bitz box for about five years, and more than once I had the mind to do away with it!  Fancy that.

And that's that!  I'm a little worried my style is turning more and more vanilla as time goes on... I can't let that happen!

Bye bye for now.


  1. Great work! Who doesn't love a good looted vehicle?

    1. Not me, not after having to paint it XD It was a major "what has science done" experience.