Monday, 12 February 2018

Random hobby update: feat. a finished model at last

Mm, it seems at the rate I'm doing stuff it takes a spider bite to slow me down enough to actually sit down and write something.  So here I am with my (dominant, Throne damn it!) arm in an epsom salt bath and boo hoo a cripple forever.  I never saw the offender, but seeing as all I've got is slight insomnia and a bit of swelling, I'd say it wasn't one of the small handful of diddly piders we have in NZ. 

Anyway!  Let's see, what's on the Sago altar just now?  Tell ya what's about to roll off it:

Yes!  That ork kill tank commission I should've finished months ago!

Now I look at it, I reckon it should have some more glyphs on it, maybe a few space marine icons too?

 Aaaaaaaaaaand guess what?  I'm out of abaddon black and stirland mud now.

And here's the tank commander outside his... his vessel?  Ten points if you can guess where all his bitz came from.

The other tank seems to be a bit more tricky to paint.  I'm trying to keep it in keeping with the big boy

The terrible twins are coming along nicely. 

And finally brethren, a swag of titan banners!  Using the power of fire I gave them a bit more flutter, and obviously replaced their chains.

And that's that!  Wow, typing with one hand is a pain.
Bye bye for now.

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