Saturday, 12 March 2016

"repainting" a dreadnought part 2: and he did not get distracted

And suddenly the primer's down!  Quite happy with the way this has gone so far; already he's far more of a character than he was and now befits a little more his glorious history of warfare.

 All his weapon options are complete and now just want painting, too.  I was compelled to make them all myself or salvage from IG turrets, like the autocannon and missile pod.  I couldn't get my hands on a nice Oop multi-melta, so I made one from the lascannon, and the twin-linked heavy flamer was a sentinel one linked to the dreadnought's one and stuck to the furioso frag cannon base.
Quite a stretch I must say, even for the Lonely Kitbasher, but it's so close to completion and I'm quite excited!

The brother interred; it's a shame you won't be able to see him within the sarcophagus, not very well at least.
Those exhaust stacks, too-- I was worried they'd look orky, but they seem okay...Oh well, too late to change them now!


Deadline or no, I'm usually not this fast with projects.  I must say, for a project so intricate (if not very big) it's gone by really quite quick.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm just beginning new projects to get attention...  Hopefully that's not the image I'm portraying.  I'm an awful scatterbrain and staying on one project is difficult.

No more Undertale references.  I promise.

So that's that.  Will the ancient be finished in time for the tourney come month's end?


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