Friday, 23 September 2016

Kitbashing Alone with a Dream# 2: It is done!


At last!  At last I've finished him!  For part one of this epic project-- and a picture of what Sergeant Alone used to look like-- please click here.
We'll get to the finished product in time, please be patient.

Last I left off, I hadn't trimmed the edging around Alone's thighs; not a good place to end on, but that got fixed pretty quickly.

Now it was time to add detail.  I like detail.  Piping, purity seals and drug injectors; I also swapped a knee-plate for the wings from the Templar's dreadnought front.

The chainsword got a bit of attention too.
The wings were next:  Funny thing, I ordered a box of DE scourges and waited patiently for a week before realising I still had spare wings in the bottom of my bitz box... Oh well.
It pained me to chop his wings up-- I felt like the horrid Warmaster, but I had to, it's part of his backstory: he fell through a planet's atmosphere and hit the ground ten times the sped of a drop pod.  He never set them straight after they shattered.

 You know, one of those wings is actually from his first incarnation I made...


I don't really like the whole tidy, one-either-shoulder wing setup, I like to have them erupting from the Astartes' back like a psychic manifestation.  Structure goes out the window, and who cares?  It looks cool.

Straight into painting then!   Not much to say here, except that it was far too exciting.  I tried to shade between his legs so the eye didn't tend to go down there.

Oh yes, I undercoated first.

Pretty soon-- as in several hours of nonstop work, good job it's the weekend-- all I had to do was wait for the iffy sealant to dry on his wings and photo time!

I will repeat the fact that I wanted to try to copy the pose ofFW's Corax; hopefully it doesn't detract too badly from the project.  I liked the unprecedented grace in the pose, and I think replacing the pistol hand with an open palm adds to it, almost as if he's chucking the daemon prince under the chin before taking its awful head off.

I'm afraid you can't really see here, but the other, plainer side of the chainsword I filled in with cheques and hazard stripes.

Here's him alongside Baldr, for scale purposes:

Pitted against a hive tyrant in a completely non-canonical duel:

And finally against the Betrayer.  I think this might have been the duel which ended his life.

Background image is a piece by Zdzisław Beksiński.

So that's that!  How exciting, I've finally finished sergeant Alone with a Dream!  My blog's mascot character and as much a poster boy Astartes as the Sagodur Fjorlag will have.  Hopefully I've done the character justice this time around.
Thank you for reading!  Bye bye for now.


  1. I think this one of your best paint jobs, well done. Love his posing.

    1. Thank you! I think I surprised myself rather with this.

  2. The posing is spectacular. It has a great feel to it. Your painting just lends to the pose and pushes that dark and gritty feel.

    Awesome work!

    1. Thanks! Owing to my style I'm often "told" I play chaos and then am "told off" for fielding centurions and chaplains. Hee hee, people just don't know...