Sunday, 25 September 2016

Dreadtober is nigh upon us!

September is almost over, and soon many of us will be participating in this potential juggernought of an event, Dreadtober!  This year hosted by Joe over at Broken paintbrush, this will be a killa of a month with a tide of fiendish mini-challenges defftly sprinkled throughout; working through the knight to get the job done, hopefully I won't keel over from the strain-- and the THRICE-DAMNED PUNS-- why have I resorted to puns?

To-day, all pathetic jokes aside, I'd like to declare my intentions for next month; I'm going to scratchbuild a loyalist SM dreadnought.  Well, maybe not build from scratch; I've got a few bits and I'll be bridging the gaps with plasticard.  Does that count as scratchbuilding...?  Never mind, I'm sure nothing will go wrong.  With Alone with a Dream watching over me, I will succeed in the Emperor's name!

It's not much, I know... So, working with what I collected so far, I made a sketch of what I intend to achieve.  This will be bigger than the ordinary dread, big enough for two brothers interred-- twins who tried to take each other's lives and now fight together for eternity.

More weapons, Split Fire and  Power of the Machine spirit would doubtless be in order here.

So that's that!  In the meanwhile I'll try to find time to finish some of my other projects to show you.  My skitarii are now feeling VERY left out and with half a knight on my desk it's getting hard to focus on one model at a time... Oh well!

This is DREADTOBER everyone!


  1. Aaargh! The puns!! Good luck mate, I look forward to seeing how you bring this concept to life.

  2. Those puns are dreadtastic... :-)
    That is an awesome idea with interning twins within the beast. Realy looking forward to how you pull it off with just 4 bits!

    1. It really does look pathetic, but those are the only bits I could rustle up for a photo XD I'm going to take your advice and seclude everything in a separate box.