Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A bit about my Space Marine Chapter

 After a good long while of writing, I've decided to post a bit about my Chapter to try and encourage others to actually try when inventing stories in the 41st millennium.

From left to right, assault, tactical and devastator
Name: Sagodjur Fjorlag
Successors of: Imperial Fists
Successor Chapters: None
Allegiance: Imperium
Colour scheme: Ochre and black

I'm still developing the Chapter's history, so do bear with me.

The Sagodjur Fjorlag, or Fate Gryphons in low Gothic, are a loyalist Space Marine Chapter founded in the 2nd founding; though presumed initially-- and incorrectly-- to be founded in the 13th cursed founding, along with the Crimson Slaughterers and the Death scythes.  A little-known Imperial fists sucessor, that was wiped from existence in a horrific struggle with the Necrons mid M37.  For canon's sake, I can never play against Tyranids, or collect legion of the damned, so that's kind of sad but oh well.

It's a tank
 Quite unlike their progenitors, they rely most heavily on lightning fast air assaults, with jump packs  equipped to over half the companies.  To begin with, when they only had a handful of Astartes, they would implant gene-seed zygotes into the gryphons they bred specially for carrying a fully-armoured Space Marine into battle; though at the time it seemed to work fine, and such a thing is no longer necessary, it left the Chapter with certain... mutations that, while some being short-term benefits eventually led to their downfall.  The psychic nature of the gryphons, coupled with some curse left on their world by the Thousand Sons during the Horus Heresy, increased the psychic might of the Astartes in general.

Lexicanum Snerra

They became a fleet-based Chapter early M34 when a Necron tomb woke beneath the surface of their Chapter world, Nastrond.  Extermanitus was performed, but not before the Chapter managed to save a few thousand of the populace aboard a Space hulk captured a century past.  The Chapter now draws recruits from the hive within the space hulk.

When developing a Chapter, it would only make sense to include things you enjoy; base their style after what-ever point of history you like most.  For instance, I chose an ancient Scandinavian theme, giving my battle-brothers Norse names; not unlike the Space Wolves, but not so feral, and from my knowledge they had next to no successors, so there we are.
I also like to include references-- some subtle and some less-than-subtle-- to some of my favorite video games and songs.

My mascot: 1st Sergeant Alone with a Dream and his helmet bearer Starfall

3rd company sergeant with a power fist modeled off Link's power glove from Hyrule Warriors

3rd chaplain with crozius and volkite caliver
When I was a young child, the first ever picture I saw of an Astartes was an Imperial Fist, therefore, it was set in my mind that the proper Space Marine colour is yellow; that was why I chose ochre for the main colour.  I am a big fan of Games Workshop's artist John Blanche and the Silent Hill game series-- only 1 through 3-- so my painting sort of leant towards the darker, messier style.

Remembrancer sketch of a Fjorlag assault Astartes
That's it for now.  I might post the Chapter's history later, but this is a basic overview.  I hope I encouraged someone with their story.  Remember this; Warhammer 40,000 is a fantasy story, not Sci-fi like so many people think.


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